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Women Domestic Violence

No description

Mackenize Andrist

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of Women Domestic Violence

Should pro NFL athletes get punished for domestic violence?

By Mackenzie Andrist
NFL players should get punished for abusing there wives and or girlfriends
In the past couple of years 3 to 4 million women in the U.S are involved with domestic violence, out of all of they women 1,300 women die each year because of domestic violence.
An NFL writer said "We're not the criminal justice system. We can't cure every ill in society. We are putting on football games"

Yeah you are not a criminal justice system but if one of your players are abusing and getting in trouble for domestic violence you should do something about it the players should go to jail or at least get suspended because they disobeyed the law and just because there are in the NFL dosen't mean they should get special treatment they are normal people like everybody else.
Support 1
"A player for the Atlanta Falcons tore is 3-week old baby from his girlfriends arms and was hitting her over her head and threatened to kill her with a gun".(Benedict)

Not only are women getting abused but kids are getting involved to this needs to stop because men the are
Support 2
"Every NFL team has players with trouble in the past. The majority of the NFL players are good guys, but every locker room has it's problem players".(Farmer)

Yeah a majority of players are good guys but what about the other half some of these guy's have beaten women so bad that they have killed them what does the NFL do about it nothing they let the players go like nothing happened they shouldn
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