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Adam Smith vs. Karl Marx

No description

Taylor White

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Adam Smith vs. Karl Marx

Adam Smith vs. Karl Marx
Epic Rap Battle

Taylor White & Hannah Munn
If it weren't for the Proletariat
You couldn't be such a luxuriant
So why don't you see that communism is better
Obviously you are not so clever
Communism, really? Do you need all control
Your ideas seem as dark as your soul
If you were to wonder why you spent life in exile
It's because your ideas are stretched by a mile
I may have spent most of my life in exile,
but at least that's better than Smith's mouth of bile!
In my Critique of Political Economy
I'll show you that the only one who has value is me!
I've been right since 1723
No one knows economy better than me
Everything should be laissez-faire
Because really, should the government care?
I believe there should be no private property
Everything's better if it's a classless society
It's always gonna be a class struggle
Cause economics causes problems, so let's end this scuttle

Capitalism is the only way to be
Self interest and public welfare are key
Without classes society is wack
Better think twice before you talk smack!
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