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Sam's info about New Mexico

No description


on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Sam's info about New Mexico

*Santa Fe is the highest capital in the U.S.A at 7,000 feet above sea level.

*New Mexico has the best mexican food other than Mexico.

*New Mexico is one of the 4 corners.

*Hatch is known as the green chili capital of the world.

*New Mexico boarders Mexico.

*there is 2,085,538 people.

*state aircraft hot air ballon

*state gem tourquise

*state tie bolo tie

*state cookie biscochito
New Mexico is the 5th largest state
capital Santa Fe
abbreviation NM
u.s senators 2
u.s representatives 3
state senators 2
state representatives 70
counties 33
1943-the u.s government created a nuclear research center in Los Amos near Santa Fe.
geographic location
lake maloya
political location
this is the state capitol
Sam's info about New Mexico
the Rio Grande Zoo has many different animals
Flamingo Crossing
and many others
lake maloya is the largest lake of the three in sugarite canyon state park new Mexico Colorado border.
the capitol is Santa Fe
this building was built in 1610
the first female Governor is Susana Martinez
economic location
there is lots of service jobs
many people work for the u.s government
mining is also part of there economy because of there minerals
beef cattle are New Mexico's top prouduct
chili pepper farm in hatch
chili pepper farms are a big part of New Mexico's economy.
this is a chili farm
there is a chili festival in hatch.
kennedy's cousin's house
names are Sebrina Olivia Briana and Mathew
they live in New Mexico
they always go to sonic
every girl is 18 and the 1 boy is13
chili farms prouduce chili peppers
New Mexico is basically a big desert
address 2406 Corte Sivelle,Rio Rancho New Mexico
there are more than 10 chili farms in hatch
1861-the civil war began in 1861 as a result conflicts over slavery and the state rights.
1821-Santa Fe trail opens.
1912-New Mexico becomes 47th state
with an area of121,598 sq miles
the rocky mountains extend from Alaska clear down into Northern New Mexico.
this is a topographic map
this is a road map of New Mexico
this is a political map of New Mexico
this is a physical map of New Mexico
Road Distance
it is the the main water source in the city
1738 miles in all
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