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EAP Week 2

No description

Roland Muller

on 22 February 2017

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Transcript of EAP Week 2

Doing Business
EAP Speaking

* Group discussions face-to face or on-line
* Group problem solving tasks
* One-to-one negotiation task role-play
* Interview role-play (10-20 minutes)
* Formal spoken presentation of 15 to 20 minutes on a prepared topic and 10 minute group discussion and question and answer session.  
What makes a business successful?
supply loss

boom exports

imports liabilities

profit mergers

takeovers loans

income debtors

mortgages expenditure

creditors demand

assets slump
Passion Freeman Thomas (Daimler Chrysler)

Love Carol Coletta (radio producer, Smart City)

Work Rupert Murdoch (CEO, Newscorp)

Good David Gallo (Marine scientist)
Goldie Hawn (actor)

Push Alex Garden (game developer)
Frank Gehry (Architect)

Serve Sherwin Nuland (Doctor)

Ideas Bill Gates (Microsoft)

Persist Joe Kraus (cofounder of Excite)

to be stuck in a rut
to follow in someone’s footsteps
a nerd
to figure out something
it turns out that…
something is likely to stick…
A successful business:

constantly innovates, diversifies and takes risks.

strictly controls their outgoings including salaries which are fixed.

keeps overheads down by outsourcing to companies abroad.

invests heavily in PR.

looks for ways of avoiding taxes.

makes as much money for shareholders as possible.

makes redundancies when times are tough and to cut costs.

keeps a close eye on the competition.
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