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Pinterest Palooza

Creative Memories

Heather McCarty

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Pinterest Palooza

A Night Filled With Fun & Projects
As Seen On Pinterest Pinterest Palooza Customers Consultants Experience Consultants Invite all your customers, friends,& family Bring an order form, mini catalog, bag & any pre-order the customer has placed Pay fee to participate, work at one of 4 stations & leave with all the projects completed for your self. Get bonus money back for each customer who comes that evening. Have an opportunity to meet with customers & friends. Highlight new & fun CM items. Share New Tools & Products Consultant teams will share the responsibility of having current tools to use that night We will showcase the new maker system
The new power palettes and new Cricut Cartridge Pay $20 to come before the event or $25 at the door They make pages, cards, cricut project & craft They shop & register for next time Customers Experience Customers check-in
Get bag with mini cat, order form, & pre-order. They are directed to start at the station their consultant is working. They will be told to return to enter drawing Station #1 Cards
They will make 4 cards
These will vary in size & color. But they will experience the use of new tools, current stickers, & products Station #2 Cricut
This area will vary each time usually focusing on a demo of Cricut & an item to bring home Station #4 Craft
This station will be strongly inspired by "pin" and will be a fun craft that could be used as a gift Goodbyes & Thank you's Station #3 Pages
Customers will complete 4 pages using new products or tools. Customers leave via the "check in" table. This is where customers can make a purchase from a centralized check out & enter a prize drawing Products for Sale Customers will purchase from these items and they will placed on the order form consultants provide. They will pay at the check out but all payment will go directly to their consultant at the end of the night The consultant will get their customers order forms at the end of the night and will need to order those items or items similar to the items from the next campaign to replenish "the fund". A date will be set that evening. If a customer orders something "the fund" doesn't have then that consultant will order the items and get them to the customer Sale or Promo's
Each event we will have promo's they will vary. Often they will include an album special. All products are purchased from "the fund". The fund will have scrapbook basics like pages & tape refills. New products from the current mini catalog will be available. What do I need to do to be ready? Invite customers by email, social media, phone calls
Goal 2 customers per consultant 40 available seats. Collect fees prior the event Get pre-orders from Customers & order new tools as they come out. The NPI programs are a great way to get new items fast! Have orders forms clearly marked with customer & your name. Have a bag & mini catalog ready & customer name on the outside of the bag. Purpose: The evening will give costumers & consultants are opportunity to meet every other month & share ideas. As a group we will complete pages, cards, learn new techniques & have fun! Customers will have access to new products earlier & more often. Our ideas & projects will be inspired by Pinterest. Customers will be able to follow our Pin Page listed under B.A.D. Girls
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