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Work Ethic: The Must-Have Skills for the 21st Century Workforce

Opening Keynote for the 2018 HI-TEC Conference - July 25, 2018

Josh Davies

on 25 July 2018

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Transcript of Work Ethic: The Must-Have Skills for the 21st Century Workforce

2018 Conference
July 25, 2018
Josh Davies - CEO, The Center for Work Ethic Development
jdavies@workethic.org - @resultsdriver

Work Ethic: The Must-Have Skills
for the 21st Century Workforce

Work Ethic 101
The Impact of the
Work Ethic Gap

Developing Work Ethic
Developing Work Ethic
Change Perceptions
Don't Rely on Posters
"What do you mean by Work Ethic?"
I don't have a problem.
Use the 1% Approach
The Center For Work Ethic Development

We believe in the power of work to promote self-sufficiency and build self-worth.

The Center for Work Ethic Development is passionate about helping people reach their full potential. Through curriculum, certification, and consulting, we equip organizations around the world to better prepare their local workforce for employment and life-long success.

AKA: Explicit
77% of managers said soft skills are as important as hard skills in hiring.
16% said they were more important.
How important is it to demonstrate soft skills, like work ethic, in the interview process?

Specific Skills
Job Experience
Work Ethic
Work History
"privileged, narcissistic, entitled, spoiled and promiscuous."
The average parent spends 15 MINUTES a week in meaningful dialogue with their children.
Be Explicit!
I love cooking my children and pets.
I love cooking, my children, and pets.
The results of a 25 year study at the University of Minnesota found that the best indicator of future interpersonal and professional success was doing regular chores growing up.

Showing up (regularly).
Arriving on time, ready to work.
Listening to and following instructions.
Willingness to learn (learning attitude).
Performing quality work (vs. “going through the motions”).
Displaying a positive, “can do” attitude.
Completing work in a timely fashion.

“There they are, those preening narcissists who have to
document every banal moment with their cutting-edge
communications technology.”

Be A Super Model
Work ethic is a trainable set of seven behaviors that are the foundational competencies of workplace success.
Create Awareness
What's In It For Me?
Do A Little More
Express Employment, April 2017
Top 25%
Middle 50%
Bottom 25%
Use a Meme Approach
Understand Work Ethic
Evaluate the Impact
Strategies for Developing Work Ethic
"Is Work Ethic something you can train?"
"How did we get here?"
6.7 Million Jobs
80 percent of the jobs in 2030 haven't been invented yet.
- Institute for the Future, 2017
Top 25%
Middle 50%
Bottom 25%
Staying positive in every situation.
Refuse to rationalize bad decisions.
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