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Resume Workshop

No description

Jeffrey Li

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Resume Workshop

By Jeffrey Li Resume Workshop Your Competition Disclaimer: This presentation does not represent CIBC or its views. Tough Job Market Agenda Understand the Mind of a Recruiter Tough Job Market Your Competition Many companies have hiring freezes Companies that are hiring are not hiring nearly as much Understanding the Recruiter Psychology of a Resume Commonly Asked Questions Environment of austerity MBA is the new benchmark? Competing with people who have experience, are designated and have recently lost their jobs Make it easy for the recruiter to find the information he/she needs. You only have between 8 and 10 seconds to impress. It all starts with a resume. Recruiter will not extrapolate information from your resume. First impressions matter. You are what you write. Do not get the recruiter upset. Psychology of a Resume Formatting Nightmares Formatting Nightmares Do not use more than 2 different types of bullets on your resume If the bullet has the same indentation from the margin, maintain bullet consistency # of Bullets > 2 = Distraction There is beauty in bullet consistency The Bullet Point Fonts Use only default program fonts. You're safe with "Verdana", "Arial", and "Times New Roman" Too many font types creates clutter and may be difficult to follow Use a maximum of 2 font types only. Make use of the "Small Caps" function For most font types, avoid going below a font size of 10 Small Cap = Same Font, Different Look. Dates! Make sure your dates line up. Use the "Tabs" function. Date consistency is important but subtle detail that can be the difference between a 'neat' resume and a 'messy' one. Be consistent with your date formatting. Colours and Pictures Colours are not necessary. Colours may distract the reader from paying attention to what is important Do not include your picture on your resume. Attaching a picture may cause error in the ATS Never give opportunity to prejudge Address Formatting When listing your work experience, what should come first? Company? Position Title? City? Commonly Asked Questions Should I have a 1 or 2 page resume? Do recruiters start reviewing resumes before the job posting closes? Should I upload my document in Word or in PDF? Do recruiters look at all the resumes? Should I describe the company I work for? Do I need an objective statement? Should I spell out acronyms? One resume works for all positions right? Key Summary Points Key Summary Points An organized resume is more effective than an experienced resume Do not give the recruiter an easy way to reject your resume. Check your spelling, grammar and formatting. Your resume is an embodiment of yourself on paper The details count - no matter how small or subtle the change may be Do not give the recruiter any reason to reject your resume (e.g., spelling, grammar, irrelevant info) You only have between 8 and 10 seconds to impress One resume does not fit all You are what you write
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