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No description

Brittany Turlock

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Thesis:

Why the Discrepancy?
Because residential schools affected future parents by...
Isolating them from their culture
Isolating them from interacting with a family
Mentally abusing them
Physically abusing them
Sexually abusing them
Causing lasting psychological damage
Which leads to:
The Sixties Scoop
20,000 aboriginal children displaced from their families and communities, often being sent to live with white, middle-class families.

Lower income aboriginals discriminated against:
"Low Income = Inability to Parent"
The Nineties Scoop?
Native agencies given control over the child welfare system on reserves...

...but they lack the budget of the federal system

Children may be 'scooped' back to areas within the aboriginal community...

...but the system's financial limitations mean less overview of each child's situation
Oxford dictionary: "A branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being"
Social science theories applied to Indigenous child welfare
What is Ontology?
Cultural Differences in Ontology
Ecological Theory
"Breath of life" Framework
What is ontology?
Well suited for holistic worldviews
Situates individual experience within layers of community
Cultural Differences in Ontology
Perception of reality
Science and Ontology a part of natural world?
Dimensions of Reality
Past present and future
Ecological Theory
Breath of Life Framework
New theory rooted in Indigenous ontology
Assumption that optimal well-being is achieved when relational worldview principles are in balance
The Removal of Children, Like April and Cheryl, from their parents and community isolates indigenous youth and allows assimilation to take place more easily.
The Breakup of The Raintree Family
Residential School
Child Welfare System
Helen Haig-Brown
Resisting Ongoing Colonialism
Violence is Intersectional
Indigenous women deemed violable and "rapable"
Novel is not only a story but also a form of resistance

Henry Liberty
April's acceptance and embodiment of Indigeneity is a resistance to her past experiences and to ongoing systems of oppression.
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