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Student Presentation

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Kebba-Omar Jagne

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Student Presentation

what is MOVAAR
mission statement
Pursuing development through sustainable collaboration to improve the human condition.
our logo
undergraduate and graduate students
The objectives of MOVAAR…
Lack of scholarship/grant/fellowship opportunities for students from Africa
Create funding opportunities for students
Providing student-to-student mentoring and leadership training service
the story...
Imagine spending the college semester abroad, taking classes across a continent you've always wanted to visit or out on the open seas
Hofstra University student Kebba-Omar Jagne was going to do just that and spent the last semester of his sophomore year preparing for The European Odyssey when...
his funding plans unexpectedly fell apart...
While searching for other sources (with support from Hofstra and his family) he encountered many restraints. Deadlines and limitations on which students could apply frustrated his efforts.

Fact: the majority of scholarships are only available to American and European students. Omar is neither, he is from The Gambian
After sending out over 100 emails and making numerous phone calls all to no avail, he concluded that he would have to give up on his desire to spend the semester abroad.
Yet with stern determination, it did not end there, Omar embarked on a project that would erase similar obstacles from the path of students who may want to get involved in study abroad programs.
case example of the SITUATION...
The majority of graduates coming out of the secondary school system (public and private alike) have very limited options:
pursue certificates from private institutions
settle for low paying jobs
get married (if affordable)

Shortcomings for students still in the system include a lack of access to technology and other essential resources
(a very common issue across developing countries in general)
*where Omar is from
here you can register to build a member profile which gives you access to other members and a network with students from the same country under a country portal
Portal members going back home during a winter or summer break qualify to participate in the MOVAAR personal development mentoring program
the movaar experience...
as a MOVAAR member, access to a unique country portal opens up new features & opportunities e.g. signing up to participate in a term trip.
There's room to climb the ladder:

After successfully completing a term trip, students reach a second stage in MOVAAR: they become MOVAAR agents.
There are two terms in a year, each lasting 6 months:

Summer Term: February through August
Winter Term: September through January

How long is a term
While on a trip,it is recommended that country portal members keep a personal journal but the posts they make on their profiles about their individual experiences e.g. pictures, written posts etc. will be accepted.
Connect through a country portal with other members and plan a term trip!

You can also
•Propose curriculum improvements
•Enhance administration e.g. elect a group leader
•View and share profiles
•Join discussions
Want to register and your country is not listed?
no problem, add your country to the MOVAAR database.
Each registered member will have their country represented and have access to a unique portal!

As a exemplary model among the emerging economies, Ghana will be the host country for the MOVAAR pilot.
MOVAAR for the World
Just over 7% of Americans enrolled in higher education participate in study abroad programs. However, other parts of the developed world have a 25% or higher participation rate (IIE), whereas in some parts of the developing world the enrollment rate to universities is shockingly low.
E.g. in sub-saharan Africa the figure is just 5% (Harvard).

The incentive to respond is there!!!
some larger goals
incentives to join MOVAAR
no cost to become a member

it is a student run organization for students

the potential to impact a whole generation and influence the future of your country

earn credit hours and/or internship credits


join a dynamic network of young like-minded individuals

and more
Spend the semester in an exotic destination and enjoy your time abroad at a MOVAAR host family home!
Leadership will be provided through
Country Portal Leaders
and support will be provided by
Movaar officers
Both positions will recruit from alumni networks.
The work of a MOVAAR officer includes:

developing ways to make term trips better
improving our relations in member countries
providing support to portal group leaders and members
Leadership and support
Program Components
The project became MOVAAR

Help make our visions and aspirations reality!

Thank you!
Transform country portals into diaspora networks of young professionals.
Build Regional MOVAAR centers for more effective local programming
Fund student projects
(c) 2011 movaar.org - kojnl
Term trips durations will be determined around the most number of days that all travelers will be in their home country.

Term trips take place during your typical winter or summer break.

Any portal member can participate in a term trip as long as a term trip guideline is followed.
Contribute to a reversal of the brain drain
Follow Through

1. Discuss the process and expectations of studying abroad.

2. Q and A to address questions like:
where can I find financial aid as an international student? Why should I study abroad? Will I lose my culture?
3. Build an attraction to the idea of interning while in high school and explain the impact work experience adds to college applications.

4. Donate College Prep Books to students that may not have access to them.
5. Facilitate discussions that challenge the status quo
6. Community Service with the
students through local orgs

7. Development of community based project ideas from students which MOVAAR will help make possible
• Conclude the mentorship with student presentations and testimonies.

Term trip participants will work with 11th and 12th graders in their home country:
11th Graders - winter term
12th graders - summer term
Educate others about studying abroad and the possibilities at MOVAAR to bring about change by starting locally at your MOVAAR campus club.

Don't have one at your university? Start one up!
that you can help to achieve
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