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Chris McCandless

No description

Rachel Johnston

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Chris McCandless

Christopher McCandless
February 12, 1968-August 1992

His Dream
After Chris graduated from Emory he donated the remaining amount of money to Oxfam. He donated $24,000 on May 15 1990. This was one of the final steps to his abandonment to Alaska. He soon changed his name to Alexander Supertramp.
On June 10 Chris McCandless set off for his first big adventure where he traveled the country and eventually stopping at Emory University. He declined membership in the Phi Beta Kappa Society. And on May 12 1990 Chris graduated Emory.
Early Life
At public school teachers saw Chris as strong willed, and had intense idealisim and physical endurance. In high school he was the captain of the cross country team.
Christopher McCandless was born in El Segundo, California, the first of two children to Walter McCandless and Wilhelmina "Billie" Johnson. He had one younger sister named Carine.
Chris McCandless
school picture.
Chris started traveling across the country more throughout the summer and worked at a grain elevator in Carthage. He survived a flash flood but left the car for police to soon find. Chris paddled a canoe down the Colorado River to the Gulf of California where he then crossed the border to Mexico.
Chris's Problem
Chris had about six good weeks of hunting, catching a few squirrels and a moose. Unforchantly the moose was infested by maggots and his rice supply became scarce. He survived on squirrels, frogs, and various plants and vegetables. But eventually this would not be enough, starvation looms a serious threat in the wild, one thing Chris has not truly thought about.
On August 12, Chris left a s.o.s note taped to the door on the bus for possible visitors to see. He died due to potato seeds that been coated in alkaloid. This caused Chris to weaken enough that he could not hunt nor barely walk. Nineteen days later a group of hunters found Chris on the bus dead.
The Life Of Chris McCandless
Magic Bus
On the fourth day of being in the wild Chris discovered a bus. One that appeared as though someone had been using it yo live in previously. He called it "The Magic Bus" and used it to live in as well. That is where he slept for the rest of the trip since it had a mattress and a heat source.
April 28, 1992, Jim Gallien, a local, gave Chris a ride from Fairbanks to the head of the Stampede Trail to start his journey. He was concerned about Chris mainly because of his little preparation, and lack of experience. He had brought 10 pounds of rice, a Remington semi-automatic rifle with 400 rounds of .22LR hollow point ammunition, a book of local plant life, and some camping equipment. He kept a journal for the time period and he had 112 days in it of what he had done.
Chris had dreamt of an adventure for quite some time. He had always wanted to get away from society in the hopes of finding something greater. This is what drove him to the descion of going to Alaska. He was inspired by various authors such as Jack London, Leo Tostoy and W.H. Davies.
By: Rachel Johnston
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