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This Blog - Practicing What I Preach

What is the future of my blog ???

Robin Petterd

on 16 February 2010

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Transcript of This Blog - Practicing What I Preach

The future of this blog? had High hopes
- lots of ideas But - it hasn't really happened WHY I really don't like writing writing case studies for my web site has been hard PRACTISE WHAT I PREACH VISUAL visual is easier for me to do Mindmap draw but ... with me they are often messy This is the start of future video - already have 4 interviews shot
mindmaps and diagrams - like this
presentations - slideshare
or just simple things like tables and grids or is it a time problem ? bad
search engine stuff
accessibility I'm not sure about prezi
+ easy and fast
- can't control - maybe need to do design in another program my notebooks look like this This could be fun + like me it's an artist run business Walls have lots stuff
like this on them & media based
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