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12 Ways to Promote Your Event with Social Media

No description

Will Coley

on 14 December 2014

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Transcript of 12 Ways to Promote Your Event with Social Media

12 Ways to Promote
Your Event with Social Media

Golden Rule of Social Media:
“Share and Share-Alike”
Facebook Notifications
Commission and/or Create Images
E-Flyer/Event Image
Determine Goals & Measurement
Tell Facebook Friends about the Event Prep
Update your network to build momentum
Produce Micro-Videos on Vine and/or Instagram Apps
6 Second Live Video
Tweet Multiple Times with Hashtags including an Event Hashtag
Event Documentation

Depending on event, hire professional photographer and/or videographer
If no budget, at least audio record select events with mobile app & SoundCloud
Add event hashtag & Twitter handles to printed program
Compile results with Storify
Google Alerts
RSS Reader
Text Overlay Images
Link to Prezi:
@willcoley will@aquifermedia.com

Create Event Listing(s)
Need exact headcount?
Use URL Shorteners
If the web address (or URL) to your event listing is too long
or too complicated to remember:
Make a shorter more memorable & measurable link
Outreach to
Local bloggers
Consider Paying for
Facebook Boosts

Thank Everyone Involved
Give shout-outs online
Hand write thank you notes
Share photos, video clips within
a week after the event
15 Second Live or
Edited Video
Record & Edit video
Upload to Dropbox.com
Use Dropbox app to download to phone
Google "[your town] blogs"
Check if recently updated
See if there's active commenting
Measure influence with number of Twitter followers & Facebook fans
For most influential blogs, Tweet
AND email blogger
Instagram/Facebook: at least 900 x 900 pixels
Twitter: 880 x 440 pixels
Don't use capital letters!
With changes in newsfeed, more difficult to see updates from other organizations' pages.
Pro Tip: Use Instagram to post to Facebook
Google can't search inside images so you also need multiple listings. “Flood the Zone” online with searchable text listings so more people stumble on the event and actually come!
Due to changes in the newsfeed, it's now necessary to pay Facebook in order for most of your fans
(& potential fans) to actually see your posts.
There's some debate about the value of this.
+ community
What has worked best
for your organization?

What's missing?
"70-30 Mix": 70% of what you share is others' content, 30% is your own.
But how do you find what to share?
Tweet Structures:

[date: month/day] in #[city]: [title][event listing link] #[event hashtag] #[other
relevant hashtag] [and if there’s room, link to Twitter pic]

Join us [date: month/day] for [title][event ling link] #[event hashtag] #[other
relevant hashtag] [and if there’s room, link to Twitter pic]
(or campaigns, projects
or anything really)

Create a spreadsheet to keep track
Rashid Polo
Click to view:
For example, the link to this Prezi is:
which is easier to remember & type than
For quick mobile images, you could use InstaMeme app
Example of successful image
Example of edited Event Promo video
(before uploading to Instagram)
Vine example
Square for Instragam AND Facebook.
Large font for reading on mobile phone.
Inspiring or value-drive quote that followers will want to share (because it reflects on them.
When the other organization posts to their page, you'll get a notifcation
next to the little globe at the top of Facebook webpage.
You can then easily
share their post on your
own organization's
Sign up for these alerts to get the latest on topics you're interested in or relate to your work.
Subscribe to "RSS Feeds" from your favoite websites.
Feedly will pull the latest from these websites to your account.
Follow relevant hashtags with Tweetdeck or Hootsuite
Another successful text overlay image on Facebook
If you don't have Photoshop or Illustrator, use this free online tool:
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