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A testing session to discover Prezi features.

Said Bakr

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of MVC - CakePHP

What Is MVC?
Simply, it is a separation between data processing and data presentation. More information may be found at [1]*.
MVC ???
It is a framework written in PHP [2] and it applies the rules of MVC in smart way that allow you rapidly develop your web applications.
Starting with simple introductory, you may be able now to start with MVC.
*Numbers in square brackets refers to resources links in the supplied brochure
The Fat...
Model should be fat and strong like this guy
It should be slim but dress it up as you want! It is your presentation and your front door with your clients
Our Coach and co-coordinator between the View and the Model. It should be slim too without any dressing. It is the naked truth!
Contact us via:
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This is just a little test presentaion to checkout Prezi features. Information here may not be complete or even correct!
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