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Copy of Personal Financial Planning

"Deval and Kala Palmer"

Tarra Kraft

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Personal Financial Planning

Mid 20's Nicholas has two children:
Grant and Blake Goal Oriented Dual Income Family Need Financial Plan Financial Landscape ACJC Financial Group STRENGTHS 401(k) Life Insurance Family Health Insurance Market Exposure Dual Incomes Opportunities UNDER INSURED UPDATE BENEFICIARIES NO WILL LACKING Investment
DIVERSIFICATION NO EMERGENCY SAVINGS INADEQUATE INCOME CASH FLOW DEFICT Personal Financial Goals Reduce Debt Establish Emergency Fund Purchase a Home Retirement Properly Insured Investment Plan Asset Allocation Diversification of Stocks Large cap
Mid cap
Small cap Growth
Income Diversification of Bonds Other investment alternatives Mutual funds
Real estate Goal Oriented HIGHLY LEVERAGED Meet Nicholas & Whitney Clement ? Commodities •Disability Insurance

•Health Insurance

•Property and Casualty Insurance

•Auto Insurance *Replace Car/ Sell Motorcycle/ Sell K&B Stock
Reduce Debt by:
-New Car ($13,179)
-Payoff Credit Card ($9,862)
-Paydown Furniture ($1,162)
Total Debt Reduced ($24,203) Increased Cashflow
-Lower Car Pmt $281
-No Credit Card Pmt $375
-Lower Car Insurance $100
-No Furniture Loan $162
Increased Cashflow $918
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