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Battle of Fort Washington

By: Morgan Marks and Julia Lyons

Morgan Marks

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Battle of Fort Washington

Battle of Fort Washington By: Morgan Marks and Julia Lyons Who won? Great Britain Americans j What led up to the fighting? Before the battle started, the British had won the Battle of the White Plains. After they retreated, George Washington had split up his troops. He sent 2,000 to Fort Lee in New Jersey and right across was the Fort Washington. George Washington second guessed his decision of staying at Fort Lee, but General Greene told him he should keep it so he can defend against the British in New Jersey. But the British side was only fighting the Battle of Fort Washington to get the American troops out of Manhattan, New York. By the time the message had arrived at fort Washington, it was surrounded with the 8000 British men. Howe had sent a message back saying that they had thirty minutes to surrender. The Americans struggled to stay in the battle. The British were beating them by far. They didn't last until night fall. Washington had declared a surrender. How the Battle unfolded The British had won. They outnumbered the Americans by 5000 men. They killed 59 American men and captured 2837 of their men also. Not only men were lost but they lost all of their equipment and fighting supplies and had to get more. Leaving the Americans with 96 wounded soldiers. The Americans had a great loss compared to the British. The British lost 84 men and had 374 wounded. The second reason they won was because they had accomplished their goal of getting the American troops out of Manhattan, by forcing them to retreat. http://www.theamericanrevolution.org/battledetail.aspx?battle=13 Prior to the Battle of Fort Washington, the British had defeated the Americans at the Battle of White Plains. British General Howe wanted the American troops out of Manhattan, New York. When the battle was about to begin, Washington had sent 2,000 men over to Fort Lee along with himself. However, the British had been planning an attack to Fort Washington by surrounding them on all three sides of the fort. General Washington was regretting on sending people to Fort Lee but General Greene had told Washington to stay at Fort Lee because that way they would have a defense against the British in New Jersey. Washington was watching over at Fort Lee he wanted to send a letter over to his men to tell them they need to hold out until night time. http://www.kidport.com/reflib/usahistory/americanrevolution/Video/FortWashingtonBattle.htm Sources What was Special about this Battle? It was unique because the British had captured almost all of the American soldiers. It had only injured few of the soldiers.
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