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Battles of 1812

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Habibah, Ragad, Sara Smarties

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Battles of 1812

Battles of 1812
By: Sara, Habibah, Ragad.
Brock and Tecumesh's force consisted 400 soldiers and 600 First Nations warriors.
American force consisted 2500 soldiers.
American leader was General Haull.
Put fear into the American hearts.
Brock faked an attack and Haull surrendered. (1812)
• On June 6th 1813, American forces were near Stoney Creek {in upper Canada}
• Few American regiments attacked the larger American army at night as a surprise
• This act was only partially successful
• In the dark, British soldiers missed the main American soldiers
• Many British and American soldiers died
• The Americans retreated to Forty Mile Creak leaving the field in the British’s command

Stoney Creek
• June 24th 1813, 550 Americans under under Lieutenant-Colonal Charles
• They were stationed at the inn
• Laura Secord heard Boerstlers
• Fitzgibbons army had 80 soldiers and 250 Mohawk warriors
• Boerstler’s main force was caught in a crossfire.
• Fitzgibbons offered to protect the Americans if they gave up

Beaver Dams
• On September 1813, The British were facing a winter with supply problems at Amherstburg near Detroit
• Americans had an advantage on the Great Lakes {to attack}
• Amherstburg could not depend on supplies going past the Americans
• On September 10, 6 British Ships battled 9 American Ships
• Americans finally captured the British Ships and Americans now have the control over Lake Erie.

Put-In- Bay
Crysler's Farm
Washington and Baltimore
More than 13,000 American soldiers began to advance toward Montreal.(1812)
British and First Nations force equaled to 900.
They put up a defense at Crysler's Farm.
Around 2000 Americans attacked on November 11.
The Americans retreated across the border.
The British burned Washington in August 1814.
They attempted to do the same in Baltimore.
British ships attacked Fort McHenry
The War of 1812 ended
The Treaty of Ghent was signed.
Fought on October, 25, 1813
British force included soldiers and militia.
Commander was a French Canadian.
American plan to attack Montreal.
Americans had poor leadership and communication.
American force outnumbered the British troops.
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