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Guneet Bola

on 8 May 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Untitled Prezi

BY:GUNEET AND HIRAH ANCIENT ROME Food in Ancient Rome RELIGION IN ANCIENT ROME Introduction Meals in Ancient Rome Types of Food in Ancient Rome How They Ate Food In Ancient Rome Conclusion Godesses Some foods in ancient Rome you might think it is gross! But they
enjoyed it. so listen ahead to learn more.But before we move on
I might tell you guys you might be grossed out on what your about
to hear . Religion in ancient rome are not any different from ancient GREECE because they adopted their religion . Gods Ways of worship In ancient Rome they had a light breakfast and they always had little food during the day but they also had a large dinner . They started dinner at 3 in the afternoon. Also if you were a rich family and you had guests over for dinner the guests could throw up between courses. The ancient Romans ate foods such as: Bread, beans, fish, vegtables, cheese, dried fruit and ate little meat. Also the rich would have a variety of foods in fancy sauses. Some wierd foods that the ancient Romans ate were mice and peacook tongues. The ancient romans ate food while lying on there sides on a couch .They eat with there hands. Rich people would be served by servents .and thats how they ate food .
we do not have much connections with there food but the fact that they eat fish like us .that is all we have to say about food in ancient rome .
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