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Mobile Banking Training

Mobile Banking Training

3Rivers FCU

on 24 February 2010

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Transcript of Mobile Banking Training

Mobile Banking
Training iPhone Application Application (e.g. Blackberry & Palm) Web App Training (all other phones) iphone application is downloaded from the app store When the app is opened,
the member will be promted to select if they do or do not have an activation code. If a member does not have an activation code, they will be redirected to 3riversfcu.org for additional registration information. The member is now taken to the activation screen. They will need the information that they received via their activation text message If a member already has an activation code, then they will prompted with the terms and conditions notification The member must accept the addendum as shown below before they will be allowed to proceed. Member will enter the appropriate information and touch "Activate" As we all know, nothing works as intended 100% of the time. This is primary error that a member may see as they go through the activation process. This error occurs when there is no data connectivity to phone.

Resolution is to have the member try activation again when the phone is connected to wi-fi network or has 3G service available. Once the activation information has been accepted, this message will pop up for the member. Following activation, the member will see the login screen and will be prompted for their PIN number.

Their PIN number is set by the member during the registration process through online banking. Successful login will provide the member access tho their primary accounts. From here, they will be able to transfer funds, find ATMs, view transaction details and search for additional help items. A member will receive and activation code when they complete on the online registration through online banking. The member will receive their activation code via a text message to their mobile device upon completion of registration.
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