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The Speeder GTX

the speedboat that will rule!

Alec Hodge

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of The Speeder GTX

The speedboat that will rule Speeder GTX We chose to design my boat after the natural shape of a real speed boat because the real speed boat has great aerodynamics The choices in design that we choose will impact the speed by allowing it to go really fast Our boat is made of cardboard, tinfoil, a paperclip, rubber bands, metal rod, plastic hold and a plastic propeller. pictures! First we cut three parts of cardboard then folded two of them to create the bottom and top.We cut the last part to make the middle part.We used tape to hold it together.Then we got a balloon and placed a plastic hold in it.We wrapped the cardboard boat in tinfoil.Lastly we placed the balloon using the rubber band to the boat. The Speeder GTX will beat everything in sight! procedure
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