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elisa molina

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of narnia

The return to narnia
It all began when Prince Caspian blew the Horn for he was told by his tutor Cornelius to use it only in an extreme life and death situation.
He was escaping from the soldiers who were sent by his uncle Miraz to kill him. That night Miraz´s first son was born so he decided to kill the future king to give the throne to his direct heir.
The telmarines soldiers entered in Narnia territory while going after Prince Caspian. For their surprise they found a Narnia creature, a dwarf, which was awkward as telmarines believed Narnians were extint a long time ago.
After giving the bad news to Lord Miraz about the escape of his nephew and the discovery of narnians, he decided to hide the truth and kill the dwarf.
As you know, when the horn is blown it has the power to bring back the kings and queens of ancient. So this is why the brothers Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy appeared after a many years again in Narnia.
They were standing in the subway when they felt something magical happened and suddenly they were standing in a beautiful landscape.
They felt it was a familiar place but couldn’t realize they were standing in their beloved Narnia.
They felt it was a familiar place but couldn’t realize they were standing in their beloved Narnia.
Between the tall trees they found a wall and later they entered through it. They all remembered their castle at Cair Paravel because of the ruins great resemblance with it.
Finally they came into a dark room were they found four treasures that contained all of their old
Walking outdoors, looking for a river, they saw some soldiers with a prisoner who was ment to be drowned. As they recognize the prisoner to be a narnian they took action and saved him.
Trumpkin was the dwarf´s name. He came to be a very close friend to Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, and was the one who taught them all that had happened while they weren’t in Narnia.
All of this occurred at the same time that Caspian was received by some Narnians and was learning about their history. he was willing to fight for narnians.
Miraz was preparing the telmarines for a battle against the Narnians that now defended Caspian as their leader.
Peter, Lucy, Susan, Edmund and Trumpkin started a journey to encounter whatever needed their help. Throughout their way Lucy saw Aslan indicating their way but, as nobody else saw him, no one believed her.
At last Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund came to find Prince Caspian and join all of their forces against the threats of Miraz.
Narnians prepared for battle, but first, King Peter was to fight alone against Miraz.
After this duel the real big war among all of the creatures started.
At the end of the war Aslan appeared and narnians took the vistory. The huge Lion left all of the skeptic telmarines and narnians shocked. Everyone knelt before him and revered him. King Peter introduced Prince Caspian to Aslan, who decided to proclaim him King of Narnia, Lord of Cair Paravel and Lone Islands.
The defeated telmarines opened to reconciliation celebrated with narnias the visit of Aslan.
Aslan called Peter, Lucy, Susan and Edmund for they had to return England and also offered the option of a new home in a different world for those who didn’t like the new regime.
The four children had a very affectionate farewell with all of their old friends, especially with Aslan, but even though they were sentimental they new it was all part of their fait. Suddenly magic took over and they were standing again back in the country station with their luggage.
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