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American Home-Front During & After the Vietnam War

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Anthony Caligure

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of American Home-Front During & After the Vietnam War

American Home-Front During & After the Vietnam War
During the Vietnam War
Civil Rights Movement
-During the heat of the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement was in full effect.
Political Cartoons
During/After the War
Peace Movements
-Young people were the ones protesting, as they were the ones being drafted
-Popular among the
in American society. It consisted of young, potentially disaffected people rethinking the direction of American society
-Opposition to the war turned to street protests in an effort to turn US political opinion
-Groups involved include students, military veterans, hippies, educators, academics, lawyers and ordinary Americans
Public Opinion
*Peace movements and the civil rights movement swayed opinions of the war during its peak, and steadily declined till one year before the end*
After the War
Veterans of the War
-After the war, many veterans had a hard time readjusting into American society
-Mental illnesses such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) hindered many veterans from getting jobs
-Many became homeless as they had no way to pay bills since they couldn't hold onto any jobs
The Vietnam War in Pop-Culture
-Shortly after its end, the Vietnam war became a symbol of pop culture, lasting into today
-Many movies, video games and books were based off of the war (
Full Metal Jacket, The Green Berets, Forrest Gump,
Call of Duty, The Things They Carried)
-The character of a "Crazy Vietnam Veteran" became a common theme among these adaptations
Peace Movements After the War
-The anti-war movement forced U.S. to sign a peace treaty to withdraw forces and end the draft
-An impressive record of nonviolent action occurred
-Many anti-war groups remained active in opposition to other wars including Iraq and Afghanistan
The End
-African Americans were being discriminated at home, and in the war as well
-The war heightened the desire for equality among races
-Martin Luther King Jr. would speak out against the war in his speeches
Vietnam War Memorials
-There are many memorials dedicated to those who fought in the Vietnam War scattered across the United States
-The most famous is the Vietnam Veteran's Wall in Washington D.C. http://www.vvmf.org/Wall-of-Faces/
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