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Phase Leader


Laura Whitlock

on 7 March 2015

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Transcript of Phase Leader

What impact can a
Phase Leader have
by the end of two

Impact of a Phase Leader
by the end of two terms
-Evaluated the strengths of the phase
and identified areas for development

-Set clear targets and expectations in terms of consistency, curriculum and

-monitoring initiatives put in place and
model through good practice providing targeted support where necessary
-Year groups
-Evaluate strengths and
areas for development
Key points
- Consistency
- Assessment

Impact of a phase

Broad, balanced and engaging across
the phase.

Learner driven
Impact of a phase
Review the curriculum of Y2 and Y3
Possible changes such as those in Y2
Engage the pupils
Plan with phase staff

Ensure that it is broad and
balanced across the phase.
Curriculum links
Memorable moments planned as a phase

Equips children with key skills
Numeracy, Literacy, ICT
Develop use of the website
Tracking progress of pupils in
Y2 and Y3
Pupil Progress meetings
End of KS1 SATS
Use the Sheffield Pupils Progress Tracker
Relay this to phase staff
Liaise between SLT, SENCO and phase staff
Support new staff in delivery of SATs
Use data to inform future planning and teacher assessment
Prepare for transition from Y2 to Y3
Communication between teachers
Prepare parents for transition
Involve parents and governors
Know the phase
Experience of Y2 and Y3
Understanding of expectations for
assessment and progress
Support teachers who are new to the phase and
the school
Build positive relationships with staff working
in the phase.
Be able to communicate with phase staff and SLT
Set expectations
Good practice

Language of learning
Phase meetings
Ensure that expectations are followed
Pupils are responding to feedback
Targets are set
Develop learning walls further
Is there consistency between year groups
vocabulary/ models and images
Language of learning
Already being put in place but promote within
the phase
Impact of a phase
Impact of a
Phase Leader
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