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How Google can Save the Planet!

Just if Google Adopts Ecosia's business model!

Darren Booy

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of How Google can Save the Planet!

How Can Save the Rain Forest help me! One day I was checking the site usage on my site and noticed a new browser? Google 4525
Bing 1345
Yahoo 1254 Visitors Traffic Source Ecosia 3 So I typed it in www.Ecosia.org Immediatley

WOW! what a great idea! I thought... This got me thinking?... and installed it straight away Watch how it works! http://vimeo.com/9186269 How is this possible? How much
Rainforest is left
to save? Now I can search all day long and know that I am also doing something
to save the planet! Bonus! Now my conscience is clear! ? ? ? ? The rainforest consists of 75million acres of the earth (remaining)
7500000 acres = 30351423168 m² As of 11th April 2010 Ecosia has saved 30 351 423 168 m²
2 searches on Ecosia to single handedly save the rainforest (remember ecosia donates 2 m²) = 15 175 711 584 Not forgetting... Ecosias release date was 3rd December (approx 128 days ago) THEREFORE Ecosia.org has so far saved 54 041 858 m²
SO 54 041 85
________ Rainforest saved every
day since its release! 128 = 42, 220m² Well Done
Ecosia! BUT Yes that truly is a big This will take 981 years of searching! 365 days per year (15 175 711 584 - 54041858) / 42220 = 358163 Aren't we all
dead in 50 years anyway? I know what you
are thinking... WTF! Get a life dude! What is the point
then of Ecosia if it
will take this long? Guess who Ecosia
is powered by? Hang on a sec
aren't they arch enemies
of Google? So fundementally Ecosia is another search engine powered by Bing and Yahoo aka 'Binghoo' To divert searches from in order to save the rainforest?! using Binghoo! Has it clicked
So what if as Ecosia? was to adopt the same policy has 46230000 every day (15175711584 - 54041858) (Remaining Rainforest - Ecosia's Contribution so far) 46230000 = 327 Days!!!! The Rainforest completely Protected Show your Support
and lets convince http://www.facebook.com/pages/Support-Google-to-Save-the-planet/119499134727183?created&v=wall http://twitter.com/SAVEUSGOOGLE Prepared by Darren Booy http://www.darrenbooy.eu I hate Maths! ? ? ? ? ? Rain forest remaining - Ecosia's already saved / Daily performance = I really thought
we had something
there! But WAIT! ! ! ! Searches Thank you for Watching! Save me !! click the links
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