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Sustainable Learning

No description

Pjotr Timmerman

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Sustainable Learning

Biomimicry Eco-
engineering cradle from a rim of green to systemic green change of view Open loop Closed loop cradle to from a linear economy to a circular economy life based on a 100% non poisonous chemistry!
We should become experts ecosystem maintainance!
From zero energy buildings to energy producing ones!
From not harming the environment to restoring it!
Education should bring a view across the horizon!
Abundancy by design: biomimicry! Gold Green Glad Johannesburg (2002): It is obvious that 9 billion people can't reach Western World Wealth in a conventional way. Not enough raw materials,
too pollutant and too expensive. share
care “If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea” Antoine de Saint-Exupery Reframing the view (in education):
Not: "recycling is a good idea !"
But: "is recycling a good idea ?"
(the context determins the answer) AVOID: perverse awarding
endless growth
useless products
bad processes
wrong materials
too large care about place & scale Think globally,
act locally, but decide centrally local km's (home to super market) 85% of the foodtransport are ... GDP versus GDHappiness USA red = south America blue = rest world $ 4000 PPP 10x extra money
1,2x longer life! 3x extra money
0x more happiness 4x extra money
1,2x happier life! PPP = purchasing power parity ($) Reasons:
character of population
equal social structure
selfsteering possibilities
basic needs fullfilled?
reliable goverment
...... Budgets:
all children good education: 12 billion $ 1x EU ice consumption
save biodiversity: 70 billion $ (0,1%) 6x 20% Worldwide c. softdrinks
developing aid: 150 billion $ (0,2%) 13x Less than tax MN should pay
military: 2000 billion $ (3%) 270x Alle energie duurzaam 2% GWP
'perverse subsidies': 4000 billion $ (6%) 540x per year till 2040 = 40.000 b.$
(environmental degradation: fishing/
forestry/ fossil fuels/ agriculture/ mining) From a nature to plunder 'to learn from' and enjoy Two connected major problems: Peak oil Climate change “The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed.” Mahatma Ghandi Children's operating manual for 1 hr sun = 1 yr all energy 3D solar panels =
2 -20x yield Tree shaped arrangements BIODIVERSITY Alles hangt met
alles - systemisch -samen 1. Schone lucht, water en bodem;
2. Voedsel, medicijnen, genenpool;
3. Biomimicry: 4 miljard jaar 'ingenieurs ervaring!
4. Diverser = stabieler = productiever;
5. Recreatie, toerisme, cultuur;
6. Overall waarde: 16.000-64.000 billion $ Gets everybody his fare share ? to a nature less is more Abundancy space energy Plant food creativity&fun incorporate
everyone ? one planet economy or balloon and with the same view ! Prisoner's dilemma & since 100 years since 4.000.000 years 'Rijkdomheid!?' biomimicry biomimicry Now 7 billion
stops at 9 billion Wealthier families Balance
each other
out every child an ecosystem
keeper make Meat the truth: 1 ha yields 166 kg cow
1 ha yields 278 kg pork
1 ha yields 400 kg beans 70% of all farming = livestock breeding local energy-
cooperations neighbourhood (health) care collective assurance
inability to work collective glass
wire network Spotify
Wheels cloud
ting Transition Towns sharing trust solidarity bottom up De natuur als leermeester, ...
(op allerlei manieren) vlinderalfabeth Mother Earth is a complex and stable ecosystem,
but there could be some tipping points for sudden climate change: The Amazone rain forest
North Atlantic Gulf Stream
Asian & West African monsoon
Greenland &West Antarctic ice shelfs
Methane hydrate (sea bottom) &
methane in frozen tundra soil
El Nino raadsel lelievijver: in 30 dagen vol (wanneer actie?) Connectedness men & planet (universe)
economy & ecology
individual & community
youth, schools, culture Community level:

local/ democratic/
ecologic/ acting /
divers/ slow/
sustainable / ... preferably School level: "slow - long lasting - knowledge":
all talents / thematical/ researching/
connected to the real world / creative Pabo on the spot:
partnerscholen 2.0 Vision
Passion support
from the afval=voedsel
doe het vooral zelf
laat oplossingen evolueren
hier en nu is de basis
werk samen en concurreer
diversificeer (alle niches bezet)
optimaliseer het systeem
ipv onderdelen te maximaliseren
't geheel is meer dan de som
doe alles zo efficient mogelijk
vervuil niemands nest Learning from nature
radical material efficiency
closed loops
invest in natural funds
use services in stead of having lots of plastics and electronics PREFER: Nature as fund 'Natural' kapitalism goods (food, wood)
processes (clean air/water)
prosperity (beauty, silence)
possibilities (genetic pool) Rich Poor 3 billion above minimum (more than $ 1500/yr)
4 billion under minimum (1 billion less $ 1/day) enough = enough see: http://www.ted.com/talks/janine_benyus_shares_nature_s_designs.html permaculture Chinese dream farming - 1 ha for 17 people very productive
zero input
zero waste http://islandbreath.blogspot.nl/2009/04/dream-farms.html Opp. landbouw Nederland:
4 miljoen ha. living system
100% circular
carbon-low Education for the 21th century solutions
in context Business as usual:
Greenhouse gas emissions
Degradation ecosystems
Yr 2100 unhabitable earth Animation film RSA Ken Robinson, Changing Education Paradigms http://www.suschool.org.uk/poster.html "De mensheid is voorbestemd om voortdurend op de rand van de afgrond te leven. We zijn de mensheid om dat te overleven. We prutsen maar wat aan, maar we doen het wel." the teacher will be respected
and for the pupil will be cared (legenda: click at numbers) Some exemples eco-herstel-school Curriculum voor transitie
naar een duurzame wereld alfabetisering Presikhaaf; (vul maar aan!!!)
pedagogisch spreekuur;
de buurt-/wijk-hulplijn;
eigen eten, kruiden telen op dak;
zelf energie leren oogsten;
de BS/Pabo als buurtcentrum;
Pabo Arnhem geintegreerd op BS;
internationale Pabo; leren aan de echte wereld;
leren met echte professionals: OL;
onderzoekend leren IXPERIUM+ ; What children learn from (green) play:
independency and autonomy
concentration (ADHD) and self discipline
better language, cooperation and imagination
motorical skills
alertness, reasoning & observation skills
reduces the effect of stress
reduces bullying
astonishment for lifelong learning Farmschools (a very rich learning environment) reseach, discover, cooperate,
with your whole body and mind! Sustainable learning
from nature:
abundancy as a choice,
connectedness as a
startingpoint! Life is like the skin of an apple complex and we're part of it! world wide web ... Als 1 kind in mijn klas
ongelukkig is, kan niemand gelukkig zijn ! Kanamori
Hoe zit dat eigenlijk met landen? De beste ingenieurs
blijken boerenzonen !!! On our way All talents: Reggio, Multiple Intelligence, Adaptivity
Susainable Education: Citizenship, Ecological Pedagogics
In the real world: Researching, Discovering, Designing Partner schools
FabLab & Ondernemend Leren
Pabo Academie ALPO
IXPERIUM / CityLearningCenter
Natuurcenter Arnhem / MEC
Campussquare HAN
Discover rooms JK/OK
Seminarium Orthopedagogiek
TET Internationalisation
Special weeks: Children's Rights/ Texel/ Arts/ Play & Sports/ Tecnnics / ... developing: India France everybody matters
here and there
now and later natural funds
environmental health
biodiversity prosperity
fair share greed
men & planet (universe)
economy & ecology
individual & community
school, students, Pabo/ILS Connectedness youth, us What children learn from green play: independency concentration astonishment social skills & friendship Creativity & Arts a curriculum of 30% fine arts brings 30% better results (also) in language and maths up to 30% more students
go to university over 30! Intensive courses:
Sports & Play (Zevenaar)
Art & Culture
Outdoor Education (Texel) Possibilities:
Sustainable Introduction
Simulation School on the spot holistic/systemic creative/innovative social/cultural basics of life earth keeping esthetic/moral/spiritual Happiness Index Happy Planet Index http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=sZPYI8BfnBs#! Peak experiences in nature
are life long learning! Hangout for youngsters: do it yourself
green look
places to chill
sports facilities
own accents ('arts')
be taken seriously In the last 30 years, 90% of 'wild' places to hang around
or play disappeared Cool Nature Stadslandbouw happyness x aver. age : footprint http://www.happyplanetindex.org/data/ % 'zeer tevreden' Human Developement Index kwaliteit van leven kwaliteit van leven
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