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No description

Nhi Pham

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Butterflies

As a butterfly age the color
of their wings fade and gets ragged. 1 Like all insects
butterflies have
six jointed legs,
three body parts,
one pair of antennae,
compound eyes,
and an exoskeleton. A butterfly is a lepidoptera,which
means they have scaly wings.
The scales of the wings are colorful and
are placed in overlapping rows.
In a butterfly's wings,there are veins that
supports the wings and nourish them with
blood. A butterfly's wings Flight of a butterfly 2 3 4 Butterfly metamorphisis A butterfly goes in a process called
metamorphosis or, a cycle in
which the larva looks nothing
like the adult. 1-egg
4-adult Butterfly migration Needs of a butterfly Like always every living thing needs food and water.The sources of food for butterflies are nectar and juice from rotting fruits,but some butterflies,such swallowtails,sulfurs,and blues don't just
depend on nectar alone.They need minerals.These minerals can be found in a puddle of water,which is a drinking source for a butterfly,or in a mud puddle.For shelter,butterflies prefer shady places like bushes and trees,so they can keep warm on cloudy days. When butterflies migrate,they make an incredible journey from Canada,across the United States to Mexico.Scientist and people are not really sure how they migrate that far and not get lost.Some think that they're recognizing landmarks,following streams,or even following the sun. Defense techniques Butterflies develop many interesting ways to
defend themselves.For example,some camouflages,or
blend in,to their surroundings,while others are filled
with toxic chemicals.These butterflies are often
brightly colored.Overtime,predators learn to associate
their bright colors with the bad taste of the chemicals. Population and range of butterflies The population of butterflies are not
known since there are about 17,500
species of butterflies spread throughout the world.In Earth,butterflies are found worldwide except in the on the continent of Antarctica. Parts of a butterfly Poisonous butterflies are slower
than non-poisonous butterflies.
The fastest butterflies can fly to about
30 mph. or faster,but slow butterflies can fly to
about 5 mph.To fly, a butterfly's temperature has
to be above 86 degrees.In cool weathers,butterflies
sun themselves. http://www.defenders.org/butterflies/basic-facts Where I Found my Sources http://www.thebutterflysite.com/facts.shtml 1.Butterflies can only see red,yellow,and green. 2.The butterfly that has the longest life span is
the Brimstone butterfly.It's life span is 9-10 months. 3.Most butterflies can taste with their feet to
know whether the leaf they're on could be their caterpillar's food or not. Butterflies can range in size from a tiny
1/8 inch to 12 inches. How do butterflies know which leaf is good to lay their eggs on?Most butterflies know which leaf is good because they can taste with their feet in order to know if the leaf they're on could be their caterpillar's food or not.Butterflies can range from 1/8 inch to 12 inches.The butterfly with the longest life span is the Brimstone butterfly.It's life span is 9-10 months.Every butterfly can only see red,yellow,and green. Butterflies Nature's Beautiful Sights Questions 1.What colors can a butterfly see? 2.What butterfly has the longest life span? 3.How does a butterfly know which leaf is good to lay their eggs on? 4.How small and big can a butterfly get? Answers 4.Butterflies can range from 1/8 inch
to 12 inches. Music:
Hey There Delilah
By:Plain White T's
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