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The Jungle Project

The Jungle Project

tunde isavlisz

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of The Jungle Project

The Jungle Project Apa Project ini? The Management The Musical The Movie Time Line Budget PR+Marketing HR+Communication Founding PR team Marketing Planning, designing and realizing of the project's image

Designing of promotional products

Promotional items (posters, leaflets, flyers, ads)

To provide different versions of advertising package

Development of new, creative and low-cost presentation forms Design elements The Jungle Project
- logo
- web design
- presentation materials design (desain materi presentasi)
- proposal design (desain proposal)
- poster, flyer, streetbanner...
- promotional materials (materi-materi promosi)
- book of the musical
Program Management
- logo version 1.
- letter paper (desain kop surat), signature with logo ver 1
- uniform: t-shirt, formal clothes (suits) (baju formal)
- folder (map)
The Musical
- logo version 2.
- letter paper (desain kop surat), signature with logo ver 2
- uniform: t-shirt, formal clothes (suits) (baju formal), training suits
The Movie
- logo version 3.
- letter paper (desain kop surat), signature with logo ver 3
- uniform: t-shirt, formal clothes (suits) (baju formal)
- movie design ("the jungle project presents",animations)
- Pre-marketing development

- Show sales (festivals, domestic and foreign)

- Presentations

- Sponsorship package

- Organizing promo events

- Advertising and Promotion

- Preparation of project presentations

- Other related programs
(around talent, charity, scholarship) "The Jungle Idol" TV-show Description The goal of the TV-show is to find the protagonists of the musical „The Jungle Book”.
We are looking for 2 actors for each character.

In the application form the candidates have to assign the character name they want to apply for. We will choose 2 persons for each character and for the other succesful candidates we offer the role of the secondary characters. Mowgli is a spceial character, because we already have one protagonist (celeb, singer of d'Masiv), who is a member of the jury. The Protagonists...
who we want to find Mowgli
Akela (wolf)
Bagheera (panther)
Baloo (bear)
Kaa (python)
Shere Khan (tiger)
Chil (vulture)
Túna (girl)
Monkey Rapper Secondary Characters Buldeó (man from the humans' village)
Éhfarkas (Hungrywolf)
Vérfarkas (Werewolf)
Gyászfarkas (Blackwolf)
Furkófarkas ( …)
Monkey 1
Monkey 2
Women 1
Women 2
Women 3
Women 4 Time Line of the TV-show Promotion of the TV-show in the television.

During this period the candidates already can apply for the 8 main characters, until the end of August. During the selection we make the summing of the competition. The first 4 episodes of the TV-show are edited summaries, only the last episode, the final, is a live transmission.

During the first selection we choose the candidates who have the competence for singing and dancing. Every candidate has to bring 3 songs, which he/she has to performe to the jury and they get a situation to test the acting competence.
Min. 20 persons for each role, but there is no upper limit for the number of the selected persons.
Episode 2:
It is a one day program. Every candidate has to participate in a singing class. The bests can go to the acting class and after to the dancing class.
At the end remain 20 candidates for each character (160 persons).

Episode 3:
It is the same as the Episode 2 but the candidates have to work with the songs and the dialogues of the musical. Each person has to focus on his/her own role.
Remain 10 candidates for each character (80 persons).

Episode 4:
Hereby we want to test the psychically and mental conditions of the candidates.
The classes are the following: acting, singing, dancing, speech technique, how can they work in group, how can they stand in front of the audience, improvisation skills, creativity, personality test, behavior during a journey, in charity situation. The duration of this turn is 3 days, when the candidates stay and work together in a house.
Remain 5 candidates for each character (40 persons).

Episode 5:
The final will be transmitted LIVE.
The candidates have to work in groups and together they have to performe different songs from several famous musical. Through this the audience can get know better the musical genre and its famous songs.
The 5 candidates for one certain role (for example for Bagheera) have to sing a song of the character together. This gives a good possibility to make a comparison of the candidates.
During this episode we will select 2 persons for each character, and we provide the secondary roles for the candidates who didn't get a main role. After the TV-show selection the group starts to rehearse. It will be realized in frame of a 3 weeks-rehearse when the actors, dancers and musicians live in a hotel and they overnight there. The TV staff follows their work during theese 3 weeks and the TV transmits the work and the life of the participants. 3 more episodes show the realizing of the musical as a reality show.

In the musical 80 dancers will work together. For them we will make a dance training as a preparation for the musical. In an other TV-show we can show how the dancers work, how is their preparation time. It could be one separated episode, or a summary in every TV-show episode: what is happening with the dancer group. External Communication Internal Communication
Relations between components

Organizing the rehearsals

Room booking, infrastructure organizing

Accurate recording and storage of all information, data archiving

Continuous updating of the contact list

Continuous updating and checking of facebook, email address

Trips, letters of credence/contracts, infrastructure organization media and press relations: radio, television, newspapers, interviews, reports the organization, coordination, execution

Media Watch: All articles, recording, interview recording and archiving

Website management and continuous updating

Newsletter, mailing lists (external) treatment of

Edit contents of this publication

Publication of all promotional content editing, monitoring

Preparation of forms

Contracts, client leaves treatment Charity Activity Writing competition Sponsorship Evaluation of resources and applying

Local governments, ministries, non-tender applying for private resources

Correct application materials compiled in English and Indonesian
Sponsor companies and potential sponsors and donors to explore

Prepared to compete for sponsor packages
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