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Shukr: Thankfulness & Gratitude

How can we express thanks to Allah for all he has given us?

Rayyan Latif

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Shukr: Thankfulness & Gratitude

How can we show Allah that we are thankful?
There are Three main categories of showing our gratitude to Allah.
They are...
The Shukr in the heart...
This kind of Shukr is called Shukr-ul-Qalb or thankfulness felt in the heart. This type of thankfulness is very important. Allah revealed to Prophet Musa (AS) "These thankful feelings in the heart are enough for me." Grateful inner feeling are enormously appreciated by Allah (SWT).
The Mouth
The Heart
THE Shukr of the tongue...
This kind of Shukr is called Shukr-ul-Lisan, or thankfulness expressed by the tongue. A thankful Muslim always praises Allah during his prayers, in du’aa' and verbal communications with others. He should always have some Dhikr on his lips, even when he is doing nothing. In the first Ayah of the Qur'an, after the Basmalah, "All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.", we are being taught how to thank our Lord.
The Limbs
The Shukr of the Body
This is called Shukr-ul-Jawarih, or thankfulness expressed by the body and the limbs. This is the characteristic of a true believer, as opposed to a hypocrite who is only a Muslim by name. He or she demonstrates his or her gratefulness through actions like:
...and other types of Ibdaha.

Thank you for watching our presentation!
By: Islam Youssef and Rayyan Latif
Sujood Ash-Shukr
This is is another type of Skukr ul Jawarih. The steps are...
Step 1: Say "Allahu Akbar" while standing and make sujood on the floor.

Step 2: During Sujood say "Subhana Rabiyal-A'la" three times and then praise Allah, and thank him for his favor.

Step 3: Say "Allahu Akbar," and raise your back to a sitting position.

*Note: There is no need to make salaam to the right and the left like in regular prayer.
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