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What are the near death experiences, and how do they change th

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Kisa Mehdi

on 20 April 2016

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Transcript of What are the near death experiences, and how do they change th

Thank You!

At End Of Rope
Central knowledge question and knowledge questions
Culture ane Religion
What Doctors say about NDE's

'The Spiritual doorway in the Brain'
REM sleep
Sleep paralysis
Tunnel vision
The out of body experience
After effects of the NDE
People dramatically change
Unconditional Love
Lack of boundaries
The importance of 'now'
Easily distracted
'Doctor says she visited heaven during a NDE' Dr. Neal
One Foot In Grave Phenomenon
A nonbeleiver's NDE
Wendy Thomas Russel
Allergic to nuts
18 year old Ben Breedlove with a heart disease
Her different story
Conclusion- Answering back to the central knowledge quesiton and subsidiary knowledge questions.

Works Cited

Giving Up The Ghost
By: Kisa Mehdi
What are the near death experiences, and how do they change the way people see the world?
"The mental experience of death is much broader than what's been assumed"
- Sam Parnia, researcher
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Centrifuges:A machine with a rapidly rotating container that applies centrifugal force to its contents. ( In this case they experimented it on people's head)

Incorporeal:(adj) Not composed of matter; having no material existence.

Aloof:(adj) Not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant.

Memoir: (noun) A historical account or biography written from personal knowledge.

REM sleep: (noun) A kind of sleep that occurs at intervals during the night and is characterized by rapid eye movements, more dreaming and bodily movement, and faster pulse and breathing.

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