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Koh Samui Selling Tool

TOU302A with Thomas Koruth

Ella Prowse

on 6 November 2016

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Transcript of Koh Samui Selling Tool

by Ella Prowse
SWOT Analysis
Thailand's second most popular island destination.
Caters to more than a million visitors each year.
Measures only 25 kilometres at its longest point
The largest island in an archipelago of more than 80 islands including the Ang Thong National Marine Park.
The tiny island of only 50,000 residents boasts an international airport, a mass of ferry connections and close to 500 hotels and guesthouses.
Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut and Maenam are the island's most popular beaches.
Offers fine international restaurants.
Direct flights to Samui International Airport from Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Singapore and Hong Kong.
Accessible by bus or train from Bangkok to the ferry in Surat Thani which travels to Nathon.
The tourism system, including TDRs, TRs and TGRs, are subject to the changing macro environment.
Koh Samui as a Tourism Destination
Millennial Target Market
Millennial Target Market
Campaign Objectives
Key Components for Promotion
Social Media as a Marketing Tool
Social Media and the Millennial Market
Marketing Campaign
Campaign Branding
Campaign Promotional Tools
Examples of Social Media Content
Stakeholder Involvement
Advantages of the Campaign
Budget and Stakeholder Investment
Provides a unique cultural experience for Western travellers.
Excellent weather conditions year-round.
A world-renowned beachfront leisure holiday destination.
Inexpensive travel destination.
World-class quality airport facilities.
Mix of accommodation options to suit any budget.
Vibrant nightlife.
Home to some of the world’s best diving beaches.
Welcoming to the LGBT community.

Only accessible by aeroplane through a limited number of Asian countries.
Largely commercialised.
High crime rate.
Poor infrastructure.
Ethically questionable tourism operation practices (e.g. drugging of tigers for photographs).
Lack of environmental concern.
Poor hospital facilities.
Lack of transport systems around the island.
Lack of qualified hospitality personnel.
Lack of online presence.

Focus on wellness tourism with the introduction of spa treatments and holistic medicine.
Possible cruise ship visitation.
Market as a destination wedding location.

Destruction of natural environment from tourism activities and over-development.
Lack of high-quality international tour operators.
Pollution and lack of sustainability initiatives.
Competitors offering a higher quality travel experience.
Competition with more established destinations.
Natural disasters.
Political unrest resulting in military coups.
Safety concerns following tourist deaths.

(Experian Marketing Services. 2014, p.9)
Aged 15 to 29 years old.
Are often university students or new professionals.
Most ethnically diverse generation.
Often travel with friends, in couples or groups.
Take fewer, but longer holidays than other market segments.
Are heavily reliant on mobile technology while travelling.
Spend an average of 9.5 hours per day using media.
Are price sensitive value seekers.
(Van Barnevald. 2015)
Night Life
Ang Thong Marine Park
Koh Tao Diving
Namuang Waterfall
Hot Springs
Canopy Zip Lining
Namuang Safari Park
Elephant Trekking
Full Moon Parties
Beachside Bars and Clubs (e.g. Ark Bar)
Ladyboy Cabaret
Lamai Night Market
Beachside Dining
Tree Tops Restaurant
Big Buddha
Wat Plai Laem
Hin Ta and Hin Yai
Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo
Coco Splash Water Park
Thai Boxing
(Nalinnadda. 2014; Samui Tourism. 2010a; Thai Visa. 2011; Tourism Thailand. 2015; Turner. 2015)
Social media marketing provides numerous benefits, including:
Increased brand recognition
Improved brand loyalty
More opportunities to convert customers
Higher brand authority
Increased inbound traffic
Decreased marketing costs
Better search engine rankings
Richer customer experiences
Improved customer insights

(DeMers. 2014)
87% of millennials use Facebook, 53% use Instagram,

37% use Twitter, and 34% use Pinterest.
83% of connect with companies on social media networks.
66% follow a brand on Twitter, and 64% like a

brand on facebook to score a coupon or discount.
95% consider their friends as the most credible source
of product information.
(Egan. 2015)
Millennials touch their smartphones 45 times a day.
Capture Koh Samui.
Capture The Spirit.
Branding should establish an “emotional connection with the consumer”, and demonstrate the "quality and benefits of a product” (Luminosity. n.d.).

Branding Koh Samui to millennials should focus on:
Nature-based activities and attractions
A relaxing environment
A social atmosphere
A vibrant night life
The advertising campaign will promote a month-long video journal following a group of young friends travelling around Koh Samui, experiencing the tourism offerings of the region, including activities, attractions, shops, accommodation, restaurants and bars.
Full-length videos can be posted to
Video highlights and photographs can be posted to
Campaign content can be cross-promoted through
as well as providing information, links to tourism operator pages, answering questions and encouraging user interaction.
Conversation about the campaign can be initiated via

(Dreamstime. 2015)
(Learning to Adventure. 2015)
(High on Life. 2015)
(Schaeffer. 2013)
(Island Info Samui. 2014)
(Traveller's Digest. 2010)
it will cost $4000 per
stakeholder to be
featured in the campaign
In return for investing in the campaign, stakeholders will receive:
A three-minute feature in one of the daily video journals.
Photographs of their tourism offering posted on Instagram and Facebook.
Links to the tourism operator's website and social media pages on the campaign's media platforms.
Ongoing references to the tourism provider via social media throughout the length of the campaign.
Campaign stakeholders include:
Tour Operators
Accommodation Providers
Transportation Businesses
Night Clubs
Entertainment Providers
Adaptable to suit target market characteristics
Allows for greater exposure of each stakeholder
Inexpensive to produce and distribute promotional material
Can reach a global audience
Increased traffic will benefit the region through job creation and additional spending
Disadvantages of the Campaign
Alienates other customer markets
Potential to receive negative online reviews
May not successfully increase revenue from tourism spending
Targets a market with limited spending ability
Breadth of promotional materials is limited
B2B Marketing. 2014.
How Can Social Media Be Used as a Marketing Tool?
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About Koh Samui.
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Encourages user-generated content, resulting in free promotion
May not experience the traction required to reach a large audience of social media users
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