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How to Do a Side Braid

This presentation exemplifies how to create the side braid, a modern popular hair style made famous by Lauren Conrad of The Hills.

Kristin Solanick

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of How to Do a Side Braid

How to Do a Side Braid By: Kristin Solanick I will be demonstrating the side braid on my beautiful roommate Laura (left). First, create a side part. Then, pull the rest of the hair into a large elastic to
keep it out of the way. Then separate the hair from the side part into 3 equal sections. Next, begin braiding as usual, but continue to pick up
3 equal sections of hair as you go along. When you reach the ear, continue picking up 3 equal
sections of hair, begin to braid toward the nape
of the neck. When the nape of the neck is reached, gently secure the
braid with a small elastic. Finally, release the hair secured with the large
elastic and allow the rest of the hair to fall freely
over the braid. This should result in a unique, yet classic-looking, side braid!
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