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Is the Help Movie a Mirror Stage or a reverse mirror stage A

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shayma fathi

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Is the Help Movie a Mirror Stage or a reverse mirror stage A

Is the Help Movie a Mirror Stage or a Reverse Mirror Stage According to Black Americans?
The mirror stage is a double effect
stage, the child experiences :
1- A moment of misrecognition

2- A moment of recognition

The child sees an inverted image of himself that is entirely an alienated ‘other’ to the child and is entirely different from his "inner world" and he feels it's not me.
Q: What is Lacan’s “mirror stage” theory?
A: The “mirror stage” is, according to Lacan, a stage of psychological development in which a child recognizes himself or herself in the mirror and becomes conscious of selfhood. Lacan maintained that this stage occurs sometime before the child is 18 months old and it is the first time the child recognizes that he or she is separate from others.
The child when he or she recognizes
that the image he or she sees in the mirror is his or her own Afterwards, the child looks at his or her mother so that she can confirm that that image belongs to him or her.but what occurs in the mind of the child?

The Help movie is like a mirror stage. When a black person watches the film there are moments of recognition and misrecognition (reverse mirror stage).

Afro americans experience recognition when they see the suffering in the movie
which they already know in their
past .
Examples of recognition points


The Mirror stage
1- Hilly's maid who couldn't afford to teach her sons.
2-the bus driver situation
3- segregation and separation in laws and bathrooms
4- the assassination of Civil Rights pioneer Medgar Evers.
a qoutation by an american woman:
"The Help tells a historical story about women, a story that will make you laugh, and probably cry, and it will likely leave you a better person for having seen it.
alot of quotations by black americans show misrecognition with the movie
"Despite efforts to market the book and the film as a progressive story of triumph over racial injustice, The Help distorts, ignores, and trivializes the experiences of black domestic workers,”

"The Help, Django Unchained .why is it that white people are saving black people? Ugh, racist hollywood. It would be a much better movie if white people weren't made out to be the heroes. Like real life, black people brought justice for themselves."
"In my opinion Aibileen is not the main character. That honor goes to Skeeter. Though Aibileen starts the novel off, and the book is called The Help, the reader soon learns more about Skeeter than any other character. Aibileen has no balanced life, no romantic interest, no real dreams, as it stands both she and Minny are simply in the novel to advance Skeeter’s plot, which is finding out why Constantine left and helping Skeeter connect with enough other maids to get the novel Help completed, so Skeeter can then land the job of her dreams in publishing. Which does happen, enabling her to leave Jackson."
"The ABWH statement takes the film to task for seeming to suggest that after the assassination of Civil Rights pioneer Medgar Evers, the sole response of the black community was to quake in "fear and anxiety".

"As good as it may be, that doesn't change that black women were "the help" because of oppression. Not because it was just a fun ol time like the movie portrays."
To conclude
the movie is misrecognised by most afro americans because it doesn't show the real life at Jacksonville in the time of civil rights movement as its too full of wishfull events that are unreal. For example when minny is served by her white employer and her husband.
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