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Inside Out

No description

Julia Jimenez

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Inside Out

Inside Out is the story of a girl named Riley, and the emotions in her mind. When
from the midwest to San
Fransisco, she and her
emotions struggle to adjust to the new life. Her two most imporant emotions,
as well as her core memories, become lost within her mind and must find their way back to Headquarters.
Helen Ames
Julia Jimenez
Alyssa Sanchez
Skylar Traskos
Maria Pena
Lexi Martin

Company Background
Competitive Analysis
Target Market
Advertising program
Pixar is a computer animation film studio based in Emeryville, Ca

Started in 1979 as Lucas films

Bought by Steve Jobs in 1986 for $5 million and named it Pixar
Created worlds first ever computer generated animated movie Toy Story in 1995

2006 Disney agrees to buy Pixar for $7.6 billion

Produced the best-selling DVD of all time; it has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide, Finding Nemo
Game Partnerships
Boys and girls
Ages 4-12
Elementary and middle school education
Creative, interactive, curious

Men and women
Ages 18-44
College educated
Discretionary spending
Single or married
Lighthearted, family-oriented

Memory Ball
Inside Out Bus
Macy's Day Parade
Launch Party
Sweepstakes Begins
Commericals Begin
Relaunch Socia Media
Billboards Go Up
Food sales launch
Pop-out ads
Magazine Ad's
Game App Released
Truck Tour
Sweepstakes Ends
Winners Chosen
Mickey's Halloween party
DVD Release
Imaginationland Pop-Up Shops
Macy's Day Parade
Launch Party
Special Edition Pin

i. Strengths
· Popular franchises Despicable Me, Minions
· Has a large fan base and following
· Strong financial backing
· Weak brand image
· Diseconomies of scale
iii. Opportunities
· Improved innovation
Global expansion
· Build brand equity and image with audience
iv. Threats
· Highly competitive with Disney Pixar
· Digital piracy
· Economic downturn

i. Strengths
· Popular franchises Shrek, Madagascar, and Kung Fu Panda
· Partnership with 20th Century Fox
· High quality movie production and animation
· Weak brand image
Lack of diversified distribution channels
· distribution agreement with Paramount

iii. Opportunities
· Increased output
· Continue 3D technological improvement and growth
· Growing international audience
iv. Threats
· Highly competitive with Disney Pixar
· Digital piracy
· Economic downturn
Longtime Disney Fans
All Types and Ages
Mickeys Halloween Party
Inside Out Pre-parade float

Inside Out gushers available at specialty locations

Pop-up photo stand-ins themed after Headquarters
Apple and Google game app
Travel though scenes the movie
Promote movie as well as childrens mental health
Play as your favorite character
Utilizing Hasbro, an existing partner for Disney's Frozen
Create custom Inside Out themed game
Play as favorite character to find your way back to Headquarters
To gain national attention for the Dvd and Blu Ray release of the movie, we will participate in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

We will also feature our selected charity, the Alzheimers Association of America on our float. We will promote their logo, as well as invite families coping with Alzheimers disease to stand on the float with the characters.
Social media
Outdoor and Indoor
Don't get a brainfreeze!
Memory Ball Gushers
Pillsbury Cookies and Funfetti
Truck Tour
Continued Commercails
Continued Store Display
Pillsbury Funfetti
The double-decker bus will travel to 5 cities in the US
Cities will be chosen through a food drive
Schools with most donated cans will be visited
Bus will bring snacks for students and host a showing of the movie
Target exclusive memory ball display

Special Edition Character Blu Ray/DVD combo

Collectible pins and christmas ornament inside

"Capture Your Memory" photo experience

Sweepstakes announced online and through social media

Send in entry online or through mail-in

Win trip to Disneyland and Launch party in LA for 4 people
Headquarters themed

Characters and Celebrities enter on purple carpet
To bring awareness to an organization that also strives to preserve memories
Imagination Land Pop up Shops
San Fransisco
New York City
Pop up shops to open in warehouse buildings on release day in large cities around the US. Shops will sell Dvds and Blu Rays, as well as provide fun interactive experience with the characters and fun games and merchadise!
Full transcript