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Radio History

No description

Kemry Hightower

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Radio History

How It Was Used
It was used for the first audio transmissions. It is now used for music, news, and entertainment.
How It Impacted Positively
We get to listen to great music!
The Purpose
It is a free and easy way to get music and news.
Innovations that the Radio have Overcome
Our Artifact
Our artifact that we are presenting is the radio.
Radio History
The Areas That Best Describe
The areas that the Radio Belong In Is

-Information and Communication
-Energy and Power
Wireless Communtication - Bluetooth Hedsets- 1994

Tv - 1948

Cable Box - 1972

Cell Phones - 1973

How It Impacted Negatively
Talk radio is not taking any responsibility for its content and how it effects certain population in the country. Politicians are taking advantage of the contents.
Started to either anger the masses or just push for their agenda.
The Way I Think It Should Change
I think that people should voice there

opinion a little less.
More celebrities should talk on
talk-shows and not get judged.
Kemry H
Jasmyne H
Jimilah R
Latavia B

A model of the Radio
Preserving Video
The Creator
Nikola Tesla created the radio in the 20th Century.
Our Radio Now
Also, it provides news for the people who have NO access to any type of news.
Science- Discovered Radio Waves
Technology- Radiation of Electromagnet
Engineering- Subset of Engineering
Math- Know the Radio Stations
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