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End of Spanish Rule

No description

Yesenia Gonzalez

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of End of Spanish Rule

Unit 5 Mexican National
End of Spanish Rule:
Spanish Texas 1763-1819
Spanish Texas 1763-1819
Spain Acquires Louisiana
Great Britain defeats France in 7 Years War
Treaty of Paris of 1763
Britain gains Canada and all land East of Mississippi River
Spain gets New Orleans and all land West of Mississippi River
France no longer power, Spain no longer needs missions and presidios
Spain closes its missions and settlers from East TX move to San Antonio
Spain Helps American Colonists
1783 US recognized as nation
Boundary @ Mississippi River is established
Nacogdoches Founded
Settlers Face Many Dangers
1790s Spain Stopped Funding for Missions

U.S. Buys Louisiana
1800 Spain Forced to give back LA to French
1803 Louisiana Purchased from Napoleon for $15 million by US President Thomas Jefferson which doubled the size of the US

Boundary Disputes
Americans move westward and push towards Spanish Texas
1819 Adams-Onis Treaty
Spain gives Florida to US
Sabine River was now the Eastern boundary of Texas

Americans Migrate to Texas
Filibusters-a person who wages war on another countries land without authorization from their country.

An American trader and filibuster who entered northeast Texas to hunt for wild horses. Spanish troops from Nacogdoches capture Nolan and his party in 1801 and was killed by Spanish soldiers.
Philip Nolan
Hidalgo Calls for Independence
Mexicans become unhappy with Spanish rule
Father Miguel Hidalgo rebels against Spanish rule and called for Freedom on Sept. 16, 1810 gathering about 600 men within minutes. This action became known as the “Grito de Dolores”, and today this is the date that Mexico celebrates their Independence Day.
Hidalgo captured and killed in 1811 but followers like Juan Bautista carried on his fight

Unrest Grows In Texas

1812 Gutierrez-Magee army tried to take over Texas and create a republic
They did capture San Antonio

Gutierrez-Magee Expedition
Disagreements and Defeats
Disputes doomed army
General Arredondo of Spain Defeats army
Some revolutionaries flee to Galveston
Spain exiles French Colonists

A surgeon from Natchez, Mississippi he led a group of men across the Sabine River on June 8, 1819 and occupied Nacogdoches.
Then in 1820 he led another group to attack the Spanish outpost at La Bahia, near present day Victoria, TX.
They captured La Bahia, but was forced to surrender and he was taken to Mexico City as a prisoner. Then 6 months later in April 1822, he was executed.

James Long invades Texas
Sept. 1821 Mexico becomes independent
Texas now becomes part of Mexico

Texas at end of Spain’s Rule
Spanish Neglect
Not many Spanish settlers had been attracted to move to Texas
Spanish Settlers would rather have settled in Mexico

Names of cities and rivers
First roads
Spanish ranching systems
Today more than 6 million people have Spanish Names

Spanish Legacy
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