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Memory Lane

No description

Abhay Khajuria

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Memory Lane

By Abhay Khajuria Memory Lane “Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.” Sometimes we are so stuck in going from point A to point B, that we forget to enjoy the walk from point A to point B. Life is short and one has to learn to use it properly and enjoy it by surrounding oneself with loving and caring people. Taking a stroll down this lane of memories has reminded me of how fortunate I am in life to be surrounded by loving caring people but at the same time..there are both happy and sad moments in life but it still goes on so might as well enjoy it. As Bob Marley sings, "Everything little thing, is gonna be alright". I'm grateful that I even have these few memories of my past to relive those different experiences and give me further hope and excitement for what is yet to come! My friend dared me to come and see this haunted house he found near an old abandoned railroad track. My first thoughts were how to tell him what an idiot he is and that he stories don’t affect me a single bit but as he elaborated, it was as if my mind had been caught up in the story, more like entangled in it and got more and more wounded up in it. The person who had owned this very house had cut his head off and his very head still was locked up in the attic of that very house and apparently a reward of 10,000 francs was set to whoever went into the house to get to the attic and found his head. Until this very day nobody had been up there or ever even dared to think about going up. I still find myself having dreams of going up into that house to find nothing but a big sign saying, “Jokes on you, buddy”. Friends and their ghost stories... Fireworks night; Masses of People all heading towards the center of the Vancouver streets to look out to see the beautiful varieties of fireworks lighting up both the dark vast skies and the hearts of many who need a break from life and who had come to enjoy this scene with friends and family. My friends and I were all glued to our spots and could not get our eyes of these bursting lights which seemed endless. It was extremely chilly and so we all snuggled in closer and closer. My brother and I had brought our double headed drums (Mridangas) with us, and with all our enthusiasm and high energy started jamming out on the streets in front of hundreds who formed a circle around us, cheering and taking part in our fun. Definitely a night to remember. The Feeling of love present everywhere and everybody gathered together in harmony all enjoying the joys brought by the magnificent displays of the fireworks. My Brother and I love adventure more than anything in our lives. We were at Shannon falls, in BC and we were told that this was one of the places to be if you loved climbing waterfalls. I have to admit, it was definitely more than I had expected. We started climbing up this waterfall with large wooden sticks in our hands, the fresh cold water spraying into our faces thus making it harder for us to see where we were going. Our wet jeans were dragging and making us feel even heavier, slowing us down further along with the strong current flowing against us. My brother finding new, faster routes to move up the waterfall faster fell backwards getting fully soaked in the spine-shivering water. I, holding on to the rocks felt the slimy green moss on the rocks and felt completely horrified yet alert as I couldn’t lose my balance. I wasn’t sure if it was moss or bird poop. We took a break on one of the big rocks, keeping our goal in mind decided our next move on conquering this gigantic nature’s obstacle course, setting our eyes on the goal to attain by the end of the day. Sometimes in life, we get caught up in arguing over the silliest things and this was one of them. I had watched Kung Fu Panda with one of my friends Alex, and we started debating over which movie out of part one or part two was better in terms or on the bases of which bad guy in the movie was ‘cooler’ (so which one has better fighting skills and is more evil etc.) and also on which movie had better fighting scenes. I mean, clearly the second one is a thousand times better. A super evil peacock whose feathers are made of steel? Who does not think that’s amazing?!! Have you ever had one of those days where when you get back home, something you never imagined took place yet everything is just as it was when you had left? I walked into the building and towards my apartment from which a strong smoky aroma was emanating which made me really worried. I rushed in to see what had happened and sure enough there was a thick cloudy fog all over the place and a couple of footprints on the carpets. My mind started wondering off into various different directions trying to come up with an explanation of what possibly could have happened. Everything was in its place, especially all the valuables so it couldn’t have been a thief. The windows were open and a few picture frames were on the floor. Trying to ignore my mind and its silly stories, I analyzed the room and found a small note on the counter and on it was simply written, “You have God’s grace on you. Call the office ASAP”. Immediately calling the office I was shocked to find out that firefighters had broken in to extinguish a mini fire that would have burnt down the entire building which had to be evacuated due to this threat. Miracle was what my mom called it. Sometimes the world around you just stops and this one moment can happen in the strangest of times and places without one expecting it. As I was on the plane leaving my home, flying from Switzerland all the way to Canada ready to start a new life, a new beginning in North America, I looked out the window, and stared at the clouds remembering my Dad, all my friends whom all I would miss all so much. All the beautiful times we had, all bundled and locked up in the bottom of my heart which I cherish to this very day. I was sad as I had to leave so much behind yet was so eager at the same time to see what Canada had to offer me. As I am writing this memory I am smiling as I am happy with what it is offering me currently! Isn’t it ironic? Writing a memory about me remembering memories? Life is truly a mystery in its own
ways as it has the strangest workings. This concept of life, its purpose, why we are here, all these questions are sometimes things which people run away from due to fear or just due to the fact that they want to be ignorant in order to feel that satisfaction of not knowing the reality. We are born into this world, nurtured and looked after and then are sent to school for an education which is the bases on which society views you and according to which you are given a certain job or status in life which you are then identified with. And what is the purpose of going through all of this? Living a successful happy life and by what means is this success measured? The amount of money being earned! Is this simple equation the summary of life? An education leads to a good job which leads to lots of money which leads you to having success in life. Success = Education + money?? And if we do follow this equation to success...what comes after? We die and then? What happens next? We live just to keep earning but for whom or what? The whole world seems to be following this cycle but for some reason my world has frozen and I am wondering to myself, why is all this necessary? Is there not a specific purpose to why we are all here in this small world? Is there something higher than all this? The real question that springs from all these other questions is, who am I in realty? These memories that I am writing about...do they define me? Or do those actions or people whom I was with in those memories define and identify who I really am? Life is short and one can live all the happy moments through ones memories which are a treasure irreplaceable and invaluable beyond any measures. Sometimes I feel my memories are more important than the actual physical connections and interactions with my close family or friends as they not only can be relived again and again but the happiness or satisfaction that comes from these memories, the warmth and love that emanates from them increases each time I recall them. Life is like a highway in its self and one of the roads us individuate travelers or seekers take is that famous "Memory Lane". LIFE? Living through Memories
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