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Adapting Yeast Bread Recipes

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Daniel Reyes

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Adapting Yeast Bread Recipes

Yeast Bread
Substitutions & Variations
A Flour Substitute
>Almond flour:
Best for Coating chicken or fish; in meatballs, crab cakes, or anywhere else you'd use bread crumbs; or for replacing up to one-fourth of the white flour in cakes, muffins, pancakes, and cookies.
Foods II; Marshburn; 4th Period
Daniel Reyes
Shi Warren
Heaven Brady
Summer Jones
Tyler Jacks
Various Types:
The Nutritional Value
Sites Used*.....
There are many different types of nutrients that make up the basic Yeast Bread Loaf, they include:





Adapting Yeast Bread Recipes

Fat affects:
>Barley flour
Best for Fluffy biscuits, breads, and pancakes that are less dense than you'd make with wheat flour.
Crumb of Bread
*Gluten is most commonly found in wheat/flour
Shortening acts as a lubricant for cell expansion...
---Basically, it speeds up the expansion process of the dough.

Fats help stun the growth of Glutin. Since many people now-a-days are allergic to such proteins, the practice of using fats in bread making is VERY common.
Sugar helps with three very important
things when it comes to yeast/bread
When it comes to yeast bread (or bread in general),
There's going to have to be something to bind
everything together. That's where starch comes in...
Starch (Wheat Starch) acts as a binder.
A binder is an ingredient that binds different
ingredients together to keep it from
falling apart.
Flour contributes proteins as well as starches to baked products' structures; the protein mainly being Glutin.
Fiber does not necessarily have
a sole purpose in the bread-making
process. However, it is already
provided by the use of flour/wheat.
Flour/Wheat already (in general)
produce fiber. Fiber is a necessary
nutrient that humans require to help
with the digestion process. Since fiber
is a carbohydrate (sugar) that our bodies
cannot digest, the digestive process is
assisted with the presence of Fiber.
Substitues for
>1/2 med. Banana (mashed)
>1/4 C. Applesauce (or other pureed fruit)
>3-1/2 tbsp. gealatin blend
>I tbsp. ground flax seeds
Although Fats help with the expansion of the dough,
sugar helps with the activation of the yeast, itself.
Although the yeast needs the yeast in order
to be "activated", there are alternatives...

>A healthy alternative for granulated white sugar would be: honey. Mainly because it is a natural sweetener.

>Corn Syrup is also another alternative for sugar

>100% Natural Maple Syrup will most likely give
the product (bread) an odd flavor. However, it is
also a sugar alternative.
There aren't many alternatives to normal flour. Although...
If you are a person who isn't fond of white belached flour, you can turn to whole wheat flour! It's healthier and full of fiber!
Although, since wheat products mainly contain gluten, your next alternative can be gluten-free flour.
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