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Information System of PIZZA HUT Delivery

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Dimpal Singh Jamwal Royal

on 31 August 2014

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Transcript of Information System of PIZZA HUT Delivery

Information System of PIZZA HUT Delivery
Support information of the process.
Currently the software which Pizza Hut Delivery system use is 3C (Complete Computer Consultation).

The Pizza Hut introduces a new Pizza to their menu once a month and they remove a Pizza that has not made a good sale during that particular month.

Inputs :

General process till enjoying a Pizza at your door step. Cont.
According to their MARKETING statistics home delivery system brings more profits to the company.
Summary of their Delivery Information system.
General process till enjoying a Pizza at your door step. Cont.
General process till enjoying a Pizza at your door step.
Pizza Hut Home Delivery
The Pizza Hut’s Home Delivery system
The Pizza Hut is one of the leading fast food manufacturing companies in the world.

Pizza Hut which is working on a mission of “To be the first choice for every Pizza occasion, by always providing 100% customer satisfaction.”
It’s because the customers prefer more to have their fast food at their homes itself.Because of such reason they have introduced the delivery system to distribute the Pizzas to keep up their customers. The customer needs only to give a call to their hotline. There after the call center take the responsibility to provide their favorite Pizza to their door step.

When a customer a call to the Pizza Hut hotline the call connects to the call center. Then they are asked the following details from the customer.

Clients’ Name.

Clients’ phone number.

Call center timings now is 11am to 11pm during weekends and it is open from 11am to 10pm during weekdays.

To keep call quality calls are picked up within 3seconds and terminate within 2:30 minutes, thereafter they call back the customer with another extension to make the hotline available for a new caller.

When they call back if the customer is a new person following details are added into their database,

Clients’ Name:-
Clients’ Phone number:-
Payment mode:- (If they are willing to pay with credit cards or cash)
Landmarks:- (Color of the Gate, Any famous places close by, etc...)

When new outlet is opened a street map to their system is updated. So when a customer calls they can see the area where customer is living and is he comes within the range of their delivery system range.

When the order is approved by the call center, the 3C server in the call center will generate a message and sends to the nearest outlet kitchen of that particular customer.

This includes the invoice which includes all the necessary details for the employees at the kitchen to prepare and a Pizza delivery person to take it to the doorstep.

Customer Details (From the Call center)
Customers name.
Customers Address.
Payment mode.
Pizza menu items.
Outlet details (From the Outlets)
Available Pizza delivery personals.
General Details
Pizza Names, prices, sizes, etc…
Process :
Customer Information validation.
Checking the availability of the outlets for delivery personals.
Generating a bill to the nearest outlet kitchen.
Generating a bill to the customer.
Contacting the relevant external terminals.
Storage :
Customer Details.
Customers’ previous orders.
Customer feedback's.
Outlet information.
Communication :
The 3C server in the call center handles the main network.
Dumb terminals in outlets performing the tasks given by the servers.
Computer systems used in the call center.
HP D220 NT
1.1 GHz Processor.
256MB RAM.
20 GB Hard disk.
UNIX Operating System.
Medium used to deliver Pizzas.
Hero Honda CD100.
Bajaj CT100
Standard delivery speed within the Grid is 40 KM/h
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