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BHCS AQA GCSE English Language and English Literature

No description

Tom Allen

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of BHCS AQA GCSE English Language and English Literature

So that's it! Now you know what you're doing.
What are they worth?
Literature Controlled Assessment
Speaking and Listening Assessments
4 controlled assessments –
50% of final mark.
•Spoken language study –
•Extended reading (novel) –
•2 pieces of creative writing –
Language controlled assessments
These are done in class after significant preparation time.
You'll be able to make a notes page that looks like this:
Controlled Assessments
Exam breakdown:
5 of these - 4 for Language, 1 for Literature
Controlled Assessments
Key Details
English Language and English Literature Course
What next?
They do not count towards your mark but you must complete some to be awarded a certificate at the end.
1 controlled assessment -
25% of final mark
The significance of Shakespeare and the English Literary heritage
Language exam:
50% of final mark
, two parts.
Part 1: Reading, questions on texts provided - 25%
Part 2: Writing, two questions, one writing to argue or persuade and the other to explain and/or describe - 25%

Literature: 2 exams –
77% of final mark (don't ask me why)
Exam 1: modern prose or drama (21.5%) and text(s) from another culture (21.5%)
Exam 2: Poetry across time (22.5%) and responding to an unseen poem (11.5%)
English Language - 1 exam

English Literature - 2 exams
Read as much and as widely as you can.
Use Journalisted.com
Ask your teacher if you are unsure of anything.
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