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Inmaculada Olías

on 20 April 2014

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Raise awareness about difference as richness.
All different- All equal
Decalogue of good practice in co-educational lifelong learning
Reject confrontation. Women are not against men and men are not against women. We are all together in seeking justice, freedom and equality
Refuse dichotomies. There is not just women and men, male and female, but also gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender
Do not fall into unilateral (one-sided)gender self-pity. We begin from the premise that Patriarchy has damaged BOTH males and females in different ways and fields, often bringing violence, war, domination and emotional suppression
Do things together, sharing experiences, projects and thoughts in order to have constructive relationships which reconcile interests thereby building equality. Emphasise that a sense of equality is an educational strategy
Learn to recognise and value 'Reproductive Tasks/Work'.This would include the care and informal education of children, community participation and caring for elders. For the most part, this has been unpaid, often done by migrant workers, and yet it is basic to sustaining the economy.
Draw attention to (and keep up-to-date with) those equality facts and issues which are still evident.(ECDI can be a resource.) Many men and women have the false perception that Gender Equality has been achieved
Use inclusive language. The way messages are built into our speech/writing effects our thinking, social relationships and the wider social system. Try to interchange words like she/he, son/daughter. Be alert to any attachment of an activity or personality trait to only one gender. E.g. boys-football. girls-intuitive
Indicate and appreciate the presence and contribution of women in any field of everyday life. Avoid comments which minimise or diminish their role, or make unfair comparison. Recognise that it is only relatively recently that women have come to occupy public life and positions of power. Give time before making judgement
Ask people of the group (e.g. Learners) how they feel, if they feel respected or if things should change.. Observe and analyse behaviours such as who talks more and who occupies space and demands attention. Don't assume things are OK if they look OK
( See hyperlink :-http://www.unpac.ca/economy/unpaidwork.html)
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