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Flowers for Algernon and Allegory of the Cave Connection GRHS, 2013 MSC

No description

Matthew Cannici

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Flowers for Algernon and Allegory of the Cave Connection GRHS, 2013 MSC

Background photo by t.shigesa
Connecting to Charlie
Framing Device
A story that can be understood on multiple levels. That is, the surface story symbolizes something deeper. For instance, when we read
Animal Farm
, you should understand it's not a story of animals rebelling against a farmer but about the rise of Communism and Fascism in Europe.
Plato's Allegory of the Cave
and Flowers for Algernon

Plato, The Republic
Any one who has common sense will remember that the bewilderments of the eyes are of two kinds, and arrive from two causes, either from coming out of the light or from going into the light...

This reminds us of Plato's "Allegory of the Cave"
Allegory of the Cave
Better Not Knowing?
How is Charlie like the prisoner who
escapes the cave?

With regards to bringing more to light?

Can the prisoner go back to that reality?

How does Charlie differ?
Extending the issue (to a lesser degree):

Think of a revelation you've had in your own life.

Is there anything you've learned or experienced that you feel has changed your life to a point where you would never want to go back?

Have you tried to get others to have the same revelation?
Diving Deeper
Imagine you have only a few weeks
before you experience a severe drop in
Would you try to brace for the loss or avoid thinking about it?
How would you spend those final weeks?
What if you knew you were about to experience a huge jump in intelligence, making you the smartest individual on the planet? Would your course of action differ?
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