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Types Of Networks

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on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Types Of Networks

Types of Networks
A network is two or more computers connected together and can usually share the same resources.
Peer to Peer
Each computer on a Peer to Peer has an equal status, all of the computers can share each others resources for example; Data, Internet, Printers and scanners.
This is not advised for large businesses as more computers slow the network down
Client Server Network
A Client Server Network is one more powerful computer that is called the server and can control the other computers linked to it, this is used in our school and usually the teacher or boss has control of it. Software and data is stored on the server so all can access it but if the main computer fails so does the whole network
LAN is;
this is used for a group of computers on one site, like a school or a campus.
WAN is;
This is where terminals are connected together over a very large area, an example of this is the internet.
Bus Topology Network
The Bus Topology Network is a group of computers that are connected to each other through a cable.
If more than twelve computers are on the network, it becomes slow.
But it is useful for small groups or a household as it is easy to set up.
Star Topology
This is a central computer that connects to other computers, this can act like a server to the other computers.
If the cable
fails it can still
be used.
Networks are useful for sharing
hardware, software can also be installed
on one and spread to the others.
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