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The Recipe For Exceptional

No description

Fia van der lee

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of The Recipe For Exceptional

"Best Practice" Recipe
For the BEST

In Conclusion:
Travel Blog
Stunning Photos
Photos are THE number one aspect of the Travel Blog that makes it
visually appealing
. Photos can determine the atmosphere of the blog and also the audience's perspective of the trip,
since photos are the "eyes" of the audience. A stunning photo is inspiring, of good quality, well-composed, artistically beautiful, but most importantly; a stunning photo tells the story without words. Using photos in this manner is most efficient use of your audience's time.

A Simple and Effective Lay-Out
The last thing the visitors of your blog want to do is SEARCH for information. The best way to present your information is to keep it simple and efficient.
A simple lay-out includes:
pleasing color scheme:
light on dark or vice versa to make the letters stand out from the background. Use colors that work together.
uniform fonts:
keep to one or two fonts, and refrain from excessive use of Bold or Italics. Use only for emphasis, or to distinguish titles from subtitles. For example, if the title of the blog is "wanderlust", then your subtitle "about me" should be clearly distinguished.
organized sections:
Keep your photos and tabs grouped in an organized manner; do not scatter them across the page.
categories of ingredients
are needed to create the best Travel Blog:
Presentation, Type and Content

Let's start cooking!
Stunning Photos by Terence Carter
Take this great example of a visually pleasing and efficient lay-out......
- it has a
pleasing color scheme
and the background color is in contrast to the color of the letters, making the color of the photos pop.
-all tabs are
grouped and strategically placed
horizontally on the top of the page. The Facebook and Twitter tabs are easy to see upon the black background and are also placed efficiently in the top right-hand corner.
-the blog is
consistent in font
, and the bold is used appropriately to signify titles.
-The lay-out is
well organized
and clean.
Whether you are traveling long or short term, daily reports are more interesting to the audience for one reason: they are
Daily reports can
keep a reader's attention
much longer. The most effective daily travel blogs include a daily photo (specifically, as ingredient one states: a photo that tells the story). The worst daily blogs are three full pages written about one day: it defeats the entire purpose. How does it even get that long? Did you include descriptions of brushing your teeth and checking your email? If so, don't. Keep your daily blog vigorous and concise.
An exceptional travel blog
its audience, it
them, it
them on their journeys and most importantly, it is
do we achieve this?
Short term travel advice is most useful for most audiences, simply because a trip to most people ranges anywhere from
a couple hours to a couple weeks
. Reading blogs of people on year-long adventures would be less efficient and frankly, will not always provide a comprehensive list of information you may need.
People want to know the
most efficient
way to spend the little time they have when visiting a new place. Short term travel blogs highlighting a combination of well-known sights and lesser known sights, are most effective for the short term traveler, because it blends together different aspects of the city's culture and history that forms into the most enriching experience in the most efficient way.
On the left, 48-hour adventure blog talks about a discovery they made of a restaurant that combined nearly all exciting sights of Prague previously mentioned in the absolute must-see section. What is more efficient than having all sights combined into one?
Ingredient 2:
One of the 'best practices' for great travel blog is to have a

Visually pleasing

Presentation that can
your audience.
This can be achieved with these ingredients......
First Category:
Short titles:
These are important because your audience can glance at the titles, without distraction and/or confusion. The mere fact of glancing can save the reader time.
A Simple Lay-Out
Efficient Locations for tabs:
Your category tabs should be grouped together on side of the page (whether that is across horizontally, or vertically to the left). And the same goes for your sharing-tabs:
you want your travel blog to inspire and help as many people as possible right? Make it easy for your audience to share the page (e.g.: to Facebook and Twitter), by putting the tabs in strategic locations. The most effective locations are upon a neutral background, in the top corner of the page.
Another one of the "best practices" for a great travel blog is to stick to types of blogs that allow the audience to
you. The type of blog should allow for
, and

Like these......
Short term Travel blogs
Short term travel stories that have a
travel length can be
most easily. Take 48-hour adventure for example. Each of his reports are about trips that are consistently 48 hours long. It gives the audience a realistic view of what can and cannot be done in terms of time. It also is a great example of presenting both the absolute must-sees, and the inclusion of random finds.
in the World's most important
cities (not exclusively capitals), those that
people are likely to travel to for shorter
periods of time.
Daily Travel Blogs
This is an example of a travel blog accompanying story-telling photos by "canvas of light" photography: The website to his portfolio includes small travel blog. Although the blog does not necessarily mention the location as much, the photos and their caption determine whether the audience wants to go there.
The Grantourismo Travel Blog is stunning, but the photos do not tell the story, as they rely mostly on words.
Example of A Travel Blog that uses photos as a visual for the text:
Take a look at "Classe Tourist" travel blog: a Daily Travel Blog that uses photos to show the topic of their stories. Each day you click on has a different story, rather than a long travel report split up into different paragraphs by day. This unique way of presenting the daily report is exceptionally
and highly effective.
Topical Blogs
If I am planning to go to Australia to do extreme white water rafting, a Travel Blog geared toward extreme sports in Australia may be more helpful than one that tells me about general must-see attractions.
makes the blog more efficient, simply because, not every traveler wants the same thing.
"The Stupid Foreigner" is specifically gives advice on the financial matters of traveling. How do we survive abroad in tight budgets? He is the guy for the job seeing as he can live on less than 50 euros a week! Travel Finances can be great source of irritation. So with the right advice, it can be more useful than ever on future trips!
"The Lazy Travellers"do not go to one city without reporting on a particular type of alcohol. If you are a beer/wine fanatic, are an alcoholic or if you are planning to go on vacation to forget: this is your Travel Blog.
The best topical travel blogs are not just focused on the specialty, but rather have it as an emphasis. Just because I want go white water rafting in Australia does not mean I am uninterested in any other interest sights.
Another one of the "best practices" for an exceptional Travel Blog is that the content needs to consist of
useful information
, and
the audience in their journeys.
Give useful Advice
The Best Travel blog gives advice that is
This may seem logical, but the amount of descriptive travel blogs is quite large. A mere description of a place, or the emotions you felt does not help in terms of advice. The best Travel blogs have a comprehensive list or section geared towards a particular city or region, where they give advice on packing, what sights to skip, weather expectations, difficulties of hikes etc. Why is this better? it is more efficient and efficiency can help the audience to have a better overview of the
you are offering.
A great example is the The "I wander" travel blog. It has a separate section just for travel tips, ranging from topics on "how to travel like a madman and to keep your job" or whether or not to ditch an itinerary.
Every topic read is of extreme relevance
to travelers and are generally questions people are not sure of.
The "Escape artistes" Travel Blog is
wonderfully geared toward traveling
with children. The author travels the
world with her four year-old son.
She make any destination fun for
any kids!
Provide some Humor
Some of the best Travel Blogs have had at least a hint of wit and humor mingled in the text. It provides a sense of comic relief and
distracts the audience of the number one excuse for not traveling: fear
Humor can also help look at the travel in a more
way: the funnier the story is, the more likely the audience will be
Hypothetically, if a travel blog includes a hilarious story of a dinner gone wrong in the outskirts of Pakistan, it shines a more
positive light
on that destination.
FOGG Odyssey uses humor to shed a positive light on a small town in Ecuador. His stories are hilarious: like his piece " Every Town has a Drunk".
The Best Travel Blogs can
their audience through
visually pleasing
presentation, are
due to a
type of blog, and can
their audience through
useful advice
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