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Korea by Marissa

No description

Morgan Fucheck

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Korea by Marissa

South Korea
The Yalu and the Tumen river are the border between China and Korea.
The east sea is part of Japan.
Naghim Mountains are in the center of Korea.
Largest Island of Korea(of 3000) is Cheju Island-530,00 pop.
Yalu River-Amnok river, in Korea, is the longest river in Korea.
The Taebaek Range is also along the Eastern coast.
Most temples are hidden in the mountains so monks can't find them.
2005 refused to a summit meeting with Japan because the Latter wanted to visit the Yasukuni Shrine. which is a place where they honor criminals convicted by World War II
Plant and animal life
Plant Life
Fir, Spruce, Pine, and elm trees grow in the north and Central parts of Korea.
There forest in Korea covers at least 2/3 of South Korea.
Animal life
The birds of Korea are Nerons, Cranes, Wild Pigeons, Ducks, Wild Geese, and Swans.
Deers and leopards are in the mountain and forest areas.
koalas and red foxes are endangered in North
Tigers and dolphins are endangered in South
Countries Flag
Another name of Korea's flag
is called the Taegukki (Great
Designed During the reign
of King Gonjong.
Gonjong Also proclaimed Taegukki
on March 6, 1883.
It also represents the Republic of
North Korea.
North Korea
There Government is Democratic which is supreme power that is held by CERTAIN citizens who are allowed to vote.
The current leader of is Pak Pong ju.

South Korea
They have a Republic Government which is when a Representative Democracy that votes for their Representatives.
The current leader is Lee Myung-Bak

Interesting Facts
North Korea
South Korea
North Korea
The tallest mountain in south Korea is Mount Halla which is 1,950 meters.
The tallest mountain in North Korea is mount Paektu which is 2,744 meters.

North Korea
July 8, 1994 Kim Jong II became the ruler of North Korea.
Population in North Korea is 24, 720, 407.

South Korea
Korean and English is mostly taught in Junior High and in High School.
There flower is called the Mugunghwa.
South Koreas flag symbolizes balance.
The line That in the middle of the circle shows that everything is changing and that's why it's not Straight.
The colors represent good and bad, heaven and earth, light and dark, male and female.
There industries are Telecommunications,
Automobiles, Production, Steel, Ship Building, and Chemicals.
64% industeries
There industries are automobiles,
Ship Building, electronics, semiconductors, equipment, telecommunications.
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