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21st Century Classrooms - What it Takes to Get Started

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Dyane Smokorowski

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of 21st Century Classrooms - What it Takes to Get Started

21st Century Classrooms
What it Takes to Start? Dyane Smokorowski
8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Intel US Senior Trainer
Andover KS Misconception #1 Teachers Already Know the
21st Century Skills How many of these are Tech Driven? Learning and Innovation Skills Creativity and Innovation
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Communication and Collaboration Information, Media and Technology Literacy Accessing information efficiently and effectively
Ethical use of information
Understanding how media messages are created and their purposes
Digital technology information http://www.wix.com/mrssmoke/le-arrgh-teen-anti-piracy Life and Career Skills Flexibility and Adaptability
Initiative and Self-Direction
Social and Cross-Cultural Skills
Productivity and Accountability
Leadership and Responsibility What does it Look Like in a Classroom? So How Do I Start? How Do I Start? Ask Yourself What Are the Life Long Learning Lessons You Want Students To Have? Getting Along? Thinking Critically? Making a Difference in Your Community? Solving World Issues? Making Connections to Other Cultures? Being Self-Directed Learners? Take a Look at Your Standards What are the standards that students struggle with the most?

What are the themes or big ideas of your literature?

What 21st Century Skills go along with this literature?

What partnerships could I organize that might help me connect students to the learning? Misconception #2 Teachers to Be Tech Savvy To be a 21st Century Educator Reality – teachers need to determine what the end goal or product should look like and then evaluate what technology tools are available to help reach it. Scenario 7th Grade Health class studying the body systems. What is the typical project? Now Let's Look at it from a 21st Century Classroom Perspective What life long lessons (Big Ideas) go with the Body Systems Unit? Healthy Choices? Learning to Balance Life Stress? How physical health connects to mental health? How Cycles? How Healthy Cycles Work? What it means to have a healthy community? Take a Look at Standards
What Real World Connections Can You Make? Then Determine the Collaborations You Might Make Then Invite Students To be a Part of the Decision Making Process http://stream.usd385.org/aasa/Middle/media/SafteyBicycleSafety.mp3 You! and some creative thinking Build a PLN - Plurk, Twitter, DEN, Intel
Create Partnerships
Have Fun Blog - mrssmoke.onsugar.com
Plurk - mrssmoke
Email - smoke@usd385.org
Twitter - Mrs_Smoke
Classroom Twitter - MrsSmokeAMS
Class Website - https://sites.google.com/a/usd385.org/mrssmoke https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1AkuWkB4VyzzwSZETjQrDDFrpWd9_ZQSbqyh37_0haN4/edit
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