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The Holocaust in a Nutshell

No description

Kailey Danaher

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of The Holocaust in a Nutshell

The Holocaust in a Nutshell
This picture shows what it would be like to live in concentration camps. The Jews were taken away from their home and were forced to work in these camps with very little food and water
Below is a picture that shows skeleton like people. The goal of the concentration camps was to get rid of the Jews in society; over working, under feeding, and intentionally murdering the Jews occurred almost always in the camps.
To the right is a picture of Adolf Hitler, the dictator of Nazi Germany in 1935 until 1945. As an anti-semitist, Hitler wanted to "purify" Germany, and as a result he discriminated against any non-German people, especially the Jews.
This is a picture of hair from the victims of the holocaust. Today, a museum keeps a huge room dedicated to just the hair of those who died in concentration camps. The extremely large amount of hair is overwhelming and heart-breaking as it puts how many people suffered into perspective.
Below is an image of a gas chamber, which guard often told inmates it was a shower in order to get them to enter without a fight. Once everyone had piled in, a poisonous gas would fill the chamber, killing everyone. People would climb on top of the dead bodies in order to breath oxygen in hopes to save their life.
In Adolf Hitler's attempt to purify Germany, he removed the Jewish population from their homes and forced them to live in concentration camps. He believed all non-German's to be inferior and he treated the Jews like dirt. In the camps, families were separated. Adults as well as children had to endure manual labor and sleep in over crowded cabins. Starvation and disease killed many, and those who were fed enough and healthy were often killed in gas chambers. About 11 million people were killed in total.
Call To Action
To prevent genocide in the future, we have to understand it first. I believe genocides from the past should be taught either in high school or in college to create an international awareness of it. People in all countries have to be willing to speak up against genocides as well. I think that other countries should also be willing to interfere in another country if genocide is occurring.
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