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The History Of The Loudspeaker

No description

colin lyons

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of The History Of The Loudspeaker

uses a magnetic field to move a coil or magnet which is connected to a diaphragm
a sound amplification device
more advanced version of the 1876 Alexander Ghraham Bell the phone
Who And Where
To listen to music louder
For sound can e heard through a phone
to listen to a radio
The History Of The Loudspeaker
Interesting Facts
The speaker was designed of the phone
Before the electric speaker their were horns
The first modern electric speaker was made in 1921
Colin Lyons
Many people have invented many different types of loudspeakers
Ernst W. Siemens invented the the first loudspeaker
Ernst was a german inventor
The speaker was invented in germany
The loudspeaker was invented in 1877
This speaker was invented at the same time as other scientist were working on simuler devices
At the same time as Nikolai Tesla and Thomas Edison where working on simuler devices
Pros and Cons
You can listen to the radio
You hear you tv show
it can amplify sound
Can affect your hearing
You can not it wet
they can get big and bulky
The first speaker was made
The first modern speaker was invented
The first sub woofer was invented
First Blue tooth speaker
Evolution of Technology

Edison Tech center

Audio Engineering Society
How would I Improve the Loudspeaker
I would Improve the speaker by making a paper thin folding blue tooth speaker that's solar powered that hovers in place and be as loud as a speaker at a concert
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