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The Wizard of Oz Introductory Lesson

No description

Monica Holmes

on 30 May 2016

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Transcript of The Wizard of Oz Introductory Lesson

The Wizard of Oz!
With a partner sitting next to
you, make a list of words
or phrases that come to mind
when I say
"The Wizard of Oz"

Who are the main characters?
- Dorothy
- The Scarecrow
- The Tin Man
- The Cowardly Lion
- The Wizard of Oz
- The Wicked Witch of the West
- Glinda the Good Witch of the North

What is the plot of the story?
L.Frank Baum
- Between the 1940s-1960s, there are
many adaptations of the Wizard of Oz
- There are adaptations on ice and Disney
even tries to adapt it.
- 1974: animated film Journey Back to Oz
is released as an official sequel to the 1939 film
- 1975: The Wiz puts Oz in the context
of African-American culture
- is set in New York City in modern day
- movie released in 1978 with Diana Ross
as Dorothy and Michael Jackson as
The Scarecrow

Here is a clip:
- 2003: Wicked is adapted
into a Tony award-winning
Broadway musical.

Here is a clip of the song "Defying
Gravity." It is a popular song from
the musical and was made popular
on Glee.
- 2011: Oz - The Wonderful Wizard is released as a full
length ballet

- 2012: Andrew Lloyd Webber announces a new show on CBC called "Over The Rainbow" to find the girl who will play Dorothy in his new musical adaptation of "The Wizard of Oz" in Toronto.

- 2013: Oz The Great and Powerful is released

- 2013: Dorothy of Oz animated movie released

- wrote the original story in 1900
- was always fascinated by the theatre
- tried many other jobs before becoming an author
- wrote at least 13 sequels to Oz
- wrote a musical version of the story
- died in Hollywood in 1919.
- between 1902 and 1925
many versions of The Wizard of Oz are made and they all are silent films
- Here is a clip from the 1910 version, directed by Otis Turner
- 1939: The MGM movie starring Judy
Garland is released.
- this is the movie that most people know
- made Judy Garland a big star and gave
the world songs such as "Over The Rainbow"

Here is the 1939 movie trailer:
- 1985: Disney releases
an unofficial sequel called Return to Oz that uses many character from Baum's sequel novels
- 1995: Wicked is published and gives a back story about the Wicked Witch of the West
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