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Roald Dahl

No description

Mr. Stack

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Roald Dahl

Matilda the book
Roald Dahl served in royal air force during world war 11.at first he was a flying ace and intelligence officer.then he ranked up to the rank of wing comandor.he did not die from war.when the war was over he married Patricia Neal and had 5 children.
Kindergarden 1922-1923
in 1920 when Roald was only three his eldest sister Astri died from Appendictis at the age of seven.his father was very sad.his father got pneumonia and died 1 month later Astri died.his mother was expecting another baby in 2 months.this time was very difficult for Roalds family.
Roald Daul was a very famous author that lived from 1916 - 1990. He wrote many famous books such as Charlie And The Chocolate Factory,Matilda,the BFG,fantastic Mr,fox,The Witches,and many many more.he wrote about 65 children books.
Roald Dahl
when Roald Daul was two he and his family moved into a imposing country mansion because there old house was too small for their big family.the new house was in the village of Radyr which is 8 miles west of Cardiff (where he was born.)
Roald Daul died on November 23,1990 in Oxford,United Kingdom.He died at the age of 74.He had 5 children and divorced his wife Patricia Neal thirty years after their marriage.Roald Daul was buried at the church of SS Peter and Paul,Great Missenden. roald died from a blood disease. his funeral was sort of a viking funeral.he was baried with snooker cues,some very good burgandy,chocolates,HB pencils,and a power saw.
by:robin jans
Roald Daul was born on September 13 1916 to norwegian parents.he was born in Llandaff south wales.he was born third out of 4 children.(but there was actually six,2 from the dads first wife and four from the second.)
Matilda the movie
Matida the play
the book Matilda is really good. is a great mixture of magic,wonder,super powers,and lots of comedy.i would reccomend this book to anyone who likes magic and comedy.in my opinion i thought that i could never put the book down.
the movie Matilda is hilarious.her parents are snobby and cheap.they couldn't care less about matilda.the movie couldn't be less magical and realistic.it s one of my favorite movies.
i got most of my information from google,the book boy,wikipedia,and bio.com.thank you hope you enjoyed my roald dahl presitation.

Matilda on Broadway was amazing! all of the actors acted like the real characters it was amazing! i recommend the play it was amazing!i cant believe a ten year old could do all that singing.i definitely think it was worth the money
this is a bit of a behind the scenes video
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