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The Twilight Saga Online Quiz

Find out if you are the biggest Twilight Saga FAN!

Katie Knight

on 26 August 2011

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Transcript of The Twilight Saga Online Quiz

The Twilight Saga Online Quiz Are you the biggest fan? We will start off easy!
Bella's Profile
What is Bella's surname?
What is Bella's dad called?
Who does Bella fall in love with? Answers:
Edward Cullen
How did you do? Now for Jacob!
What does Bella call Jacob?
Who does Jacob love?
Does Jacob belong to the Vampire Pack or the Wolf Pack? Answers:
Bella Swan
The Wolf Pack Last but not least
What year was Edward turned as a vampire?
Who turned him into a vampire?
How many people are in his family before he meets Bella, including him? Answers:
Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Edward, Esme and Carlisle so...7 Where do Edward and Bella first meet?
Who does she first meet when she starts at Forks High School?
How does she work out that Edward is a vampire? Give three reasons Forks High School
She meets Jacob at the beach and he tells her a story, she also feels how cold Edward's skin is by accidentally touching it and she finally almost dies by a car but Edward saves her by pushing it away at inhuman strength New Moon Why does Edward leave Bella?
Why does Bella jump in the water?
Who fixes the motorbikes for Bella? For Bella's own safety
So that she can see and hear Edward
Jacob does
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