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Steve Jobs

No description

GV Computer

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
First Job
Steve got his first job working for a video game company Atari then Steve and Woz present there Apple iBoard to Homebrew computer club.
Steve Jobs incorporated Apple Computer with Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne
Steve got Fired
Steve gets replaced and is stripped from his duties
New business
Steve a computer division any from George Lucas and names it Pixar
After some years with Pixar Steve is named entrepreneur of the year

Shutting down
Steve Jobs shuts down all of Pixar hardware operations
Steve Paul was born i San Francisco then was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. When he was 13 he and his friend Bill Hewlett got a job at an HP factory with his friend Steve Wozniak.
Steve gets hired back
Steve gets informational adviser to Apple CEO
Steve Dies
Steve Jobs lived a good life and died in front of his family people wrote biographies
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